Brunswick Skatepark 2013

Hi All,

Link to hateboard thread. Please use that as a central place for submission of ideas as well as contributing here … read=86081

Every now and then there are great people to deal with that have an interest in skateboarders needs. Alli at Moreland has been an absolute champion. She was the driving force for Fawkner, sorted approval for the tiles at Coburg and gained approval for Fawkner stage 2. Fawkner stage 2 didn’t go so well as she was on leave and the people looking after it were, to be blunt, fairly useless in my opinion.

She is back and sent me an email…

Hi Josh, I hope this finds you well.

Great news – Council is working towards a skate park for Brunswick in 2013/14 financial year.

Before we start any designs - I am putting together an application for additional funding from SRV.

It would be great to have a letter of support from some local skaters / riders to attach to the grant application.

Could I trouble you to put together a short letter (email is fine), outlining your support and why there is a real need for a skate park in Brunswick.

Much appreciated & catch up with you soon

So if anyone would like to be involved please email/facebook me. We need to have a reasoned, clear and united proposal for when design consultation is near.

My thoughts are always to have something very different to anything already built, no duplication of existing facilities already in Melbourne. Brunswick is a prime location and the budget will be decent.

So what don’t we have and what will have something for everyone? My two cents is a proper plaza, with flow (something like Stoner) and a Oregon inspired snake run (like Nimbin) surrounding it like orcas island snake run surrounds the inner park. Hey this is just my opinion.

If any locals would like to send me a letter of support for the proposed park I will fwd it to Alli. We don’t need to flood them with emails.

Please use this thread to submit ideas and keep each other in the loop. Pictures are great. Please keep this constructive, if you say you don’t like an idea have an alternative to offer.

I promise I will keep you in the loop. This is a great opportunity, let’s fully utilise this.

This is such awesome news. Please email Alli, this is a really good chance to get us a nice BIG functional bowl and catch up with the rest of the world. Keyhole or Clover, I’m not fussed, just a bowl with at least 9-10 foot trannies…and some nice vertical. Something over 10 foot would be pretty damn sweet.

Hateboard thread extensively updated…

Floating the idea of a clover

Josh is doing great work on this.

A clover with a roll in at the “stalk” would be fun for everyone, and so would a Bulleen style of snake run into a proper bowl.

Lights or an electric BBQ with a hidden power point would also be a useful addition.

Have your say on this park, before it gets filled with streety stuff.
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Vote for a bowl

Hateboard thread extensively updated including the site ect.

Current budget is $400k with another $100k being sought from SRV. The snakey plaza path is looking good as there is an existing path on the site that can be used then build upon.

Watch the links to the clips posted in that threat to get an idea, the street elements will have flow and cater for a wide range of styles and skill levels. Particularly the Jason Adams clip 30 seconds in, the first 2 lines of the Pontus Alv clip and the DIY obstacles in the Eli Reed clip.

A seperate bowl is still on the cards. Support for a man sized depth clover with Oregon inspired transitions is needed if we are to get that off the ground. I really don’t think we need another 5-7 foot square cornered yawnfest.

I think we will have a good outcome that will suit everyone.

yeah josh keep it up rad man

History for stokage. Log into hateboard and put your suggestions in

Johnny M has a great design for a snake run/bowl Josh…maybe it could help?

Hey Braden the snake run idea is developing into more a DIY inspired plaza path than traditional snake run. Should be cool. Snake run idea didn’t seem to have much support. Tranny wise a clover is seeming to be the direction.

Personally I would love a Nimbin/Oregon style snake run. Hopefully in the next park!

Sounds interesting, keep up the push Josh, the Man size clover would be awsome, something like a refined version of Eagle Hawk bowl maybe slightly deeper though. :smiling_imp:

If you are serious about a clover bowl, it is Time to get your votes on…

Beeeee there!

Tuesday, May 6 at 4:00pm
[color=red]Clifton Park, Albert Street, Brunswick [size=59]<------Click link for map[/size]
Meet under the big shade sail