Bulleen Revamp

Bulleen bowl is due for some lovin

Get along to council to put in some ideas.

The big thing will be to finish that bowl!

thank god…a bowled end!!! :laughing:


it only took 35 years

for a new and improved slalom run, double back and get 10 seconds out of it :laughing:

Its is happening.

Must be a world record in this:

+30 years between pours, just has to be the longest skate bowl construction project ever.

Looks like it’s hip is gunna fixed before mine!

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Will have to give it a go once the weather warms up a touch.

We should make a day of it.

one of them blue fists with the thumb up,

I can think of other things that take a lot less than 10 seconds Hambo…lol

Blasting a different type of cone?

Wasn’t thinking of cones Hambo, but whatever floats your boat

I was thinking more along the lines of a horizontal type activity!! :laughing:

First Runs