Cadillac are back

Madrid proudly now offers the remake of Cadillac Wheels. They’re 56mm and 92a durometer, poured with a high end quality urethane.

Mmmmmm saw that on Concrete Disciples…big flashback looking at those!

i had a bahne superflex with bahne trucks and cant remember what wheels it had power paws maybe. Never had cadilacs

had a hang ten with Chicago trucks and red rider wheels(OZ rip of of RR2’s)

Once again Scott…where do you get them???

A mate had those wheels on his Cadillac fibreglass deck/Cadillac trucks(a strange looking truck). Would have killed for one as a kid!

I still keep an eye out on ebay, dont hold out much hope though.
Guess a set of wheels would do.

evil I tell youse!
last time I rode those wheels I broke my arm ( letting my sister oil my bearings by pouring singer sewing machine oil into them may have had something to do with it)

Let me know when they reissue surfie sams

Hey Sean we met last night at Northcote (Hamish), I have the Cadillacs on my Madrid mini cruiser. The grip and the ride is great but they’re a little slow for any sustained run in the bowl, at least with my level of fitmess. I find it great for just mucking around in the driveway hanging 360s and amusing the neighbours. I’ll make sure I bring it to the Mossjam so you can have a roll.

Sweeet Hambo, look forward to rippin some 360’s :unamused:

forgot to have a ride last night 8)