Camera nicked - replacement

Low lifes pinched my camera + bits as I mention in another thread :cry:

Looks like I can get insurer to cough up - I’ll replace it :laughing:

Had Fuji S5500 for which the obvious replacement is S5600 but by the time I add up the claim I should have $900 to spend which made me think Nikon D50…

Loved the fact I could buy a wide angle for the Fuji for $250. What’s the go with an SLR though?

Any tips would be appreciated.


Actually your camera setup (with fisheye) was better or equal to the pic’s im getting with a Nikon D70.

I think you should maybe go for a higher spec Fuji like the s9500 … .asp?id=52
0.01 shutter spead is super quick. It does movies as well as stills and is defintely the equal of any other digital slr.

It might pay to ask the same question under film forum on

ask bill if your looking at nikon i reckon :laughing:

Been doing a bit more research and talking with Bill too.

For my purposes, I reckon you’re right mosu - the Fuji looks good.

Now let’s hope the other crook (the insurance co) pays out.

Hi Steve if your buying the fuji fine pix for shooting happy snaps i would think it would be great. If your planning on trying your handing at shooting skating go straight for the SLR digital or film. The fuji fine pix is not a digital SLR and the shutter speed is not 0.01 sec, the shutter lag is 0.01 seconds. From what i can tell the camera produces acceptable images with with optimal lighting conditions, but when the ISO is pushed in low light conditions image quality is lacking.The camera also apparently chews through batteries like theres no tommorrow. Anyway i am sure Bill has set you on the right track, just remember those kooks that are selling the cameras often have no idea about actually producing acceptable photographs, thats why they are salesmen.

arent the high end Fuji’s slr spec?
Steve’s last camera defintely did the job equal of a nikon D70. Your comment on the Batteries is a very real concern. (thats why I went for the d70 pity the batteries got recalled due to a manufactures fault)

You’re right about the Fuji to some extent chris. The 5500 I had worked best in ideal lighting situations for skate shots, that’s OK - I don’t plan on taking Bill’s mantle :wink:

Right too, they love batteries.

I think the SLR probably does more than I am prepared to learn to use. I also like shooting through the LCD (sacrelidge to a photographer I know).

No sign of the money from the insurer yet…

Davros possesses only cheap domestic digital eyeball designed for identifying architectural sites scheduled for extermination. These tend to stand quite still, unlike skateboarding humans. Hence problem of time lag that even Time Lord cannot solve. Davros resorted to cheap and nasty video mode in hope of catching some action, but conspired to miss Dr’s 1st good FS grind in deep, causing said Doctor to slam with infinite stoopidity in shallow end when already off board.

The dark genius of Davros was to seduce the Dr into bashing himself on concrete surface!

PS. Coburg rules for genuine oldskool poolish fun.

I thought I was just replying to another thread above. Please excuse inappropriate commentary.