Canberra - Tent City

Well we’ve been shooting shit, getting amped on how good it’d be to plan a weekend in CBR - let’s fuggin do it!

Let’s plan a camp out saturday night MAS*H / MOSS ‘tent city’ weekend.

Late June / July some time?

Belco (yeeeeah!), Gungahlin, Tuggeranong, Weston, tents, beers, no showers :laughing:

Im in but ya got to stop at Goulburn.

also queens birthday weekend mightnt be a good date to go as every one else is on holiday as well

Mate if your gonna camp out at that time of year then bring the winter woolies! I’d like to come - but I think I’d camp out at my mate’s place down there…the one with the central heating.
I believe Marulan skatpark is better than Goulburn too.

Have to see how I’m travelling esp considering forthcoming bub…

I was thinking same Bondi. Maybe we leave CBR tent city 'til summer and arrange a day trip to Marulan / Goulburn one Sunday?

Further to the above: a possible alternative to freezing off one’s sticky out bits whilst camping is a place called the Carotel, its on Northbourne Ave on the way into Canberra. I just had a look at the website, and a room accomodating up to 10 people, with TV fridge, dunny and shower etc is $170 a night. I’ve stayed there in the past with mates (typical male bonding including excess booze consumption and questionable Fyshwick videos) and found it (ahem) servicable. Price is very bearable if the numbers are up.

Its not the Ritz, but it would beat freezing half to death - last time I was in Canberra in June/July, the temp got down to -2 degrees overnight!

Good idea boys , that hotel sounds like the go. As for the cold perhaps some local charming female company could keep us warm :stuck_out_tongue:

Both ideas have merit exec - wait for warmer weather or day trip down south.

Thanks to the M5 and freeway, its possible to get to Goulburn in under 2 hours, Marulan isnt that far from Goulburn…hmmmmm could be possible!

So is the revised plan a day trip to Marulan then Goulburn?

only questions remaining are whens the trip? and

Who else is going??

come on dudes MAS*H does stand for Mobile army of skate hacks so who is in!!!

i’m in as long as it is after the 6th June.
marulan is worth a look to see how not to build a bowl - time is much better spent at goulburn. the parks in canberra rock - especially weston creek.

my ribs are getting better, i’m praying i can skate in two weeks when work is sending
me to the gold coast where i’ll travel up to inala and caloundra.

you rotten thing. fancy work sending you up to a warmer climate with quality sk8 parks.

Do you need an assistant???

Goulburn day trip. Check you diaries, put up some dates and we’ll pick a Sunday to do it. Meet at the head of the F5 early and head down convoy style.

I’m going to Golburn to race the charger on Sat. the 4th of June

sweet Choppers offering us a lift while he goes drag racing.

Bags shotgun!!!

Going down on Friday Night.
Back on Saturday night.
Any one who wants a lift is welcome.
Head office restrictions do not allow two days fun in a row.
However I am keen for the adventure

sounds good I’ll just check with my regional head office and get back to you!!


I’m not a starter June 5th. 12th is middle of long weekend though the bulk of any traffic would be goin down sat back monday? 18th I’m OK.

If you guys have June 5 locked in that’s cool with me - I’ll hit it up another time.

18th is better for me too.

Either Canberra or Goulburn I’d try to tee up some crew to make it a session!

Dave Pang

June 5 advanced scout party perform reconnaissence of site
June 18 full MAS*H assault while looking for Grinds of Mass destruction

Guys, I’d defo wait for it to warm up. Friggin cold in winter. Might be worth checking the caravan park at O’Conner as it’s pretty central and they have good cabins that might be a cheap option.