Car parks + Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the two days in the year when all the shops are closed. That means that the multi-story carpark at your local shopping mega-mall is likely to be deserted and asking to be ridden.

Anybody know any good ones, with smooth ramps and no nasty expansion joints?

mmmmm multi level crete.

Great idea Bugs. I am very tempted to try out Highpoint West in Maribyrnong, VIC which is probably a bit far for you to travel. It does unfortunately fall on a day that family want to pursue skatefree options, it’s a never ending dilemma.

Hambo, I could be tempted 8)

Great minds think alike…

Anyway, nuff respect to Ali for standing up to the wankers and don’t forget, good Friday is almost upon us, one of the few glorious days of the year when the shops are closed and the multi story car parks are empty for those who dare, so get out there, bunk over that fence, look out for the rent a cops and have some fun.

Stay off the CCTV and keep your eyes peeled for that obscure object of desire…the spiral downramp. :smiley:

opera House car park just before closing is a good 1 .
I waiting for the Anzac Day Dash. In between the Dawn service and the march in the city. great longboarding.

Bill,thanks for a really fun day.That carpark was awesome,'til we got throw out!(I gota say,that was kinda cool;I felt old skool!)Can we do it again?I had a f$%#in blast!All day!You just gotta learn how to handle more than one beer…I might go to the carpark again tomorrow,I just heard its empty Saturday from a local,tempting no?

Bill, you one pot screamer :blush:

I understand, beer isn’t your drug of choice :unamused:

Yeah we also had a carpark sess yesterday.
Plenty of fun was had :wink:

Sean, Alison wears shrink wrap rock n roll jeans and is trying to get me drunk so she can take advantage of my perfect body, chiselled features, and steel spring abs. I know you must have similar problems all the time. What do you advise?


Bill, sorry your not in my league when it comes to boyish good looks and charm :unamused:

If I told you my secrets, I’d have to kill ya 8)

Alison, move to Melb and we can have some multi storey carpark fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Bill,you can’t blame me for trying,Jesus man,i’m only human!

My attempts to ply Bill with beer for my own selfish purposes were unsuccessful,and having thwarted all my voracious advances,he returned to Bondi with his virtue firmly intact.

Highpoint was great fun, and brought back many happy memories of carparks in the 70’s such as Southland(pre multideck), Doncaster Hotel, and Kings Parking in the City. Pity the rent-a-cop insisted on following orders. Next time we will either try bribery or pay some kids to create diversions!

If any of you know of the likelyhood of there being other suitable carparks in your area please let us know. Sloping decks provide good runs or slalom opportunities, as do wide ramps without expansion joints, or drains at the bottom. And we usually get a fun roll without BMX’s or the need to look competent.

There are some good looking multideck carparks in the burbs that need to be assessed. So it would a great service if someone could go for a roll one Sunday, or Wednesday Evenings to test rent-a-cop response and reaction times at the following possible multidecks, and let us know how you go:
Monash Uni on the Blackburn Road side, just in from Wellington road entry.
Southland, Chesterville Road side.
Monash Uni at Caulfield
Swinburne Uni

For Sydney
Opera House
Office multidecks around Ring Road 3 (if it is still called that), places like the offices around Ryde or Parramatta.