carpooling to San Remo

It seems we have critical mass for Remo for this Saturday. I am wondering if Sydney people with car thingys might be willing to invite people without to jump onboard for the price of a petrol contribution. Some people with cars would probably like to do this too.

I’m hoping for someone who isn’t leaving too early, cause I need to do some Bondi flat hunting in the morning (my chances are probably pretty thin!).

all offers gratefully received!

How come I get so much flack for not having a car at my age, yet Bill gets away unscathed? Lets be pathetic together Bill.

It must be because “they” havent seen Repo Man :laughing:

Mick, you can’t take away my status as most pathetic skater in OZ. Sure, you get your own hate threads, but at least that implies intensity of feeling. I just get indifference! “Eh, Dr Stoopid, Whatever …” I am Super Pathetic Man, Going Nowhere Fast with his Incredible Futile Begging Powers (although I have received generous offers re. MOSS)

:cry: :cry: :cry:

A jams not a jam, without Bill da’ man !