Carver trucks?

I set up the BDS Long Pig on the weekend with a Carver C7 up front and a Randall 150 at the back, and all I can say is WOW! It practically turns in its own wheelbase. I only mucked around on the flats with it for a short while - I think it’ll take a bit of getting used to before hitting a hill with it!

I’ve got some 95A Dragons on it, but hopefully there’ll be a set of Mellow Yellow Dragons up for grabs when the order comes through (Braden?). With the softer wheels I reckon it’ll be a cracker cruiser.

Anyone else have much experience with the Carvers?


Holey smoke Batman this really messing with my head!

Put one of Holey Trucks on the front of my BDS 10, and left the Tracker B2 on the rear. The turn is now wicked, so much so that I can probably skip the need to deal with that whole kick turn thing that you Kids do these days on the top of the bank. Now getting higher up on what we call the 3/4 bowl at Newport than ever before.
Tony Hallum quite likes it and thinks that the rear truck should go Holey also, but after twisting the knee on the first roll in the bowl last Saturday night, will need to go a bit slow for now. (yes it was embarrasing and painful, and stuffed up the night completly!)

Who would have thought the Saturday night Party drugs are now Voltaren or Indocid!


I have not tried the carvers, revenge, holeys, gullwings or even randalls yet…not sure which board to use yet???
We should start a medications thread…coz celebrex for example causes strokes yeh?


The rest of that article raved about FORCE trucks which are apparently made right here in Prahran.

Do you know them?
yes there is a website

It looks like they preferred the Force C7 and R7 to the holey because it was more stable, and used common bushings.

Speaking of stability, at our age its a toss-up between loose trucks and early on-set PARKINSONS!

Next time I crash…Im blaming the latter!


Double your dose of L-Dopa

Hmm Force claim to have Ben Bodnar and Ti Coleing on board? I’d seen their catalogue before and assumed it was all China stuff being marketed cleverly here.

The Old Skool Team (who’s team includes Haggy and Skoot?) store carries FORCE stuff. Never seen any…

mmmm need to do some more research.