CDS Sledgehammers to begin production!

Finally…After going over all the possibilities with this deck with Danny from Factory 13, and thanks to the help of Scott, Eli and everyone else on the forum that got involved…the sledgehammer goes into production.
10.5" x 34"
double drilled 16.5" , 17" wheelbase
7" nose
5.75" tail
medium concave, taper cut wells and rectangular channel cut outs.
I decided to go light 7 ply, as superlight would flex too much using medium concave.
The whole board will be flood coated black, with charliedontskate stickers in the channel cut outs ala kryptonics steve/micke alba, Godoy bros.
Leaving the rest of the board for crew stickers.
Danny tells me this will be very light yet stiff for a board this size, which makes me happy.

hope the nose and tail are typo’s short tail loooong nose

sounds like a girl ,I once knew…but wish I didn’t!

nose- tail are typo’s…horse head deck! great for nose wheelies.

I like a girl in a short skirt and a looooong jacket.

Eli enough about your past conquests… unless you post pics

Nice one Eli- L.M.A.O

That board sounds awesome Braden, could I out my name down for one of em?

Thanks pig, will do.