CDS stock


I’m sure we’d all like to know what you have in stock and what is on the way?

Check product page for amounts of 2004 bds gear (starting to run out)
So anyone wanting that bigfoot 2 they have been putting off should get in quick!
Gearing up for big orders from…alva wheels, powell wheels…bigfoot re-issue,DTS cruizers etc whatever you want from them!
BDS quads, mellow yellows, ultrathane mini’s, wes books etc.
CDS 10.5 will be the first board from f13, no graphic, black formica top and bottom (no graphics poss…I need to order 100!?)
ceramic Rockets.
Restocking Tracker and Indy trucks.
CDS wesart T-shirts, hoodies, stickers and rear window stickers for cars that will be free, based on Wesart lettering like this…

Fkn unwreel Braden.

Oh yeh and the new Z-flex Shogo Kubo pool boards.

hey braden any edger buddy carr decks left? or his model for bds and is it poss to get any pocket pistol slalom decks ta later sk8ter

Cool thanks for the update.