charlie got Hacked

so what happened with the website. I checked out and got some message about the forum having been hacked by some dick head.

Glad to see the forum restored (sadly missing the Wednesday night Bra photo’s)

Are our credit details secure? spoke to Mustang last night and we both got concerned. can you reassure the financially nervous Braden.

It’s been a weird few days, the site has had 1.6 million hits in 11 months from 13 countries. You cant stop hackers…but as we backed up religously nothing was lost.
This is the reason I dont take credit cards…no ones financial details are stored on the site. Paypal is somewhat secure, but again I dont even run a link from CDS. As long as the payment methods are money order, acc transfer (done off site) and paypal everything will be sweet.

Thanks Bradon i couldn’t imagine life without charlie, your a dead set legend!

some weird shit has happened the last few days!

Glad to see CDS back online, hope you sorted it all Braden.
I am another one who couldn’t imagine life without Charlie!!!

theres a life with out Charlie?

Thanks Mosu, G.H. ,Sean…it’s some good sh*t we got going here!
Props to my Brazilian webguy who was up till 3.00am the night before the attack saving everything.