Charliedontskate boards

Need to get feedback on these baby’s…
Factory 13 customs,(tried to source in Oz but nobody wanted to know about em) the first is an Eli Smith design.
9.5" x 32"
7" tail
5.25" nose
15.5" wheelbase
Double kick, square tail, rounded nose with a black formica bottom.

The second is loosely based on the pirate, with the idea of slightly smaller, as light as poss and easier to kickturn.
10" x 34"
7" tail
5.75" nose
16.5" wheelbase
Double kick, square tail, squared nose in either superlight (depending on strength) or fibreglass epoxy base.
The graphics on these boards will be a minimal charliedontskate logo (in the works) that will be on the nose and top middle of the decks. This will allow centre of the deck for your own graphic…MOSS, MASH, OSSJ etc etc.
Pricing of these baby’s will be kept as low as poss, and will partly depend
on numbers ordered…
All ideas considered!

I like the idea of the second one…but will the Minister for Finance handle the expense? :open_mouth:

Heck, I can live without too much graphics if it keeps the price down!

Hey Braden,

There’s a local here in Brisso who could do em for you. Ben is the proprieter of Seven skateboards. Some of the locals ride and swear by them and he has them in shops around town. He’s using rock maple and the product is as good as any I’ve seen. I purchased a 9" off him recently. You want me to try to hook it up even just to see what he can do ?

Also I like the second option but anything around 10" wide with a 16.5" WB would get my vote.


I like em both for covering riders of all sizes and shapes. Personally I’d come down to 9" on the Eli but a 9.5 will take a 169/sixtrack nicely.

Watch the weight of the formica bottoms. I sampled the weight of a salba formica-bum and it were heavy.

Maybe a black painted (rather than a stain). Everyone will run rails anyway - they’d be cheaper too. Maybe do white versions aswell.

Cool Tone, go for it!

Emailing him now. Standby for response in the next couple of days.


Formica is wicked especially in black…i totally love my skaterbuilt ground Hog …and everyone else hates it’s pointy nose. :smiling_imp:

It might add some weight but formica looks so cool and is so durable, no point having a light deck if you have to buy a newy each week

Your right about the formica adding weight but i like the added rigidity it gives.

It would be cool to see if they can do different coloured formica for no extra cash.

I forgot to mention the option of router cut channels for that extra bit of old-school flavour

what about the bulldog model stretched out to 34" with a 16.5 wheelbase deep concave

Rout out 15mm in from rail and angle/slope the depth. getting shallower towards the centre. and drum sanded wheeel wels
maybe route out a circle in the nose, just big enough for a MOSS sticker.

chuck on some 169’s and mini dubs or 215’s and skinny wheels and away we go.

maybe some blanks as well

skatexec not logged in. formica and routing could be the ultimate compromise. Routing went the way of the Dodo because it really served no purpose I spose but… some SIMS style routing (read LaMar, Bowman) would have me boned up and cashed up!

Routing is cool, and is available at extra cost from f13.
Check this out, they offer lighter polymer bases as well.

I’m leaning toward square nose and tail…like the Stefaun, and the polymer composite base is LIGHT and looks almost as good as the formica.
Add chanel or router cuts if poss…what ya reckon?
Anyone good with photoshop? bUELER?

In my opinion the dodo never got the respect it deserved!

The routered rails are just something to set it aside from the conventional and be a respectfull nod to the olden days.

Agreed Eli. Loved routing (and winger style cuts). [/i]

this is what happens when you take a cutlass to a pirate

Hey Braden, screw photoshop with this, lets go 3d and make a virtual deck. We can change it till the cows come home. Im up for it. Pretty simple task and we can see the finished product from any angle anyone wants to see. Still use photoshop for the “look” texture wise.
I’ll model up the Stefaun and render it with graphics according to your current thinking and we’ll start changing it from there.

Your a genius Scott…LOVE IT!..try some different nose shapes.
Love the Lamar channel idea…
Eli and I talked earlier about a variation of superlight…5 or 6 ply with formica, I will talk to f13 about the strength.

Still reckon the BDS bulldog shape at 33" or do a copy of the quad 10 with a shorter 16.5"wb … formica and routing and i could be a starter

Or work off the ground hog shape although it is 11" wide. it sets up beaut with 215 and mini dubs, guys in the states are running 215 skinny wheels combo also… just wack a fuller nose on the beasty…with routing and it would be awesome.

my dream machine

A quick mocup. Need to add graphics to bottom.