Charliedontskate T-Shirts

Yeh I know they’re a year late, but hey.
Need idea as to sizes??? and numbers.


yeah,i could do one of those,nice.lge

A large or 3 ASAP Braden.
Whats happeneing with the stickers??? :smiling_imp:

L x 2

one large

XL 1 please 8)

is large a size 44 chest or is that extra large???

Im down for one but not sure on shirt dimensions

You want an XL Mosu. I’ll go one large thanks.

Large. Cool.

Skateboarding has made me shrink but Christmas made me expand. A large thanks.

XL. Any plans on doing kid’s t’s?

one XL please

Two XL’s please

One L, one M thank yee.

1 x XL’ tx mate !

Large for me

2xMed 4 me thanx Braden.

XL for me - thanks!

You sure about that Fletch! :laughing:

I’ll take a set of Bennetts if you still got em :unamused:

hey sean…long time no hear…got bennetts.