Cheap Vans in Sydney.

If anyone is interested in picking up Vans shoes for a bargain basement price, there is a shop on Botany road at the Bourke St Intersection, next to the Puma outlet. Its called five to one or something like that. They have a pretty good selection ranging from $30 to $80. Happy Shopping.

Perfect timing. Bra Bowl Pete told me about that place a while ago and I forgot where it was.

Shithouse timing.I just bought some new DC’s yesterday
And the bastards weren’t $80.00

Bra bowl pete hardly wheres shoes skoot :laughing: Question to all mashers ,I noticed from skoots photos on a weekend visit to the mash workshop that I am up way to high at the top of my hook turns especially on the bondi hill . I just had a small cess at dully and tryed to get as low as if it was a carve, it worked ok on the small ramp but I got spat off on the half pipe. Any advice please fellas :confused:

That is me above boys I don,t known why it did,t log me in :confused:

Just patience and practice Mark.

I’m with Clay - just bought a new pair. Highly recommend TNT’s but DO NOT want to know the price at this store. Thanks.

Kiwi, I thinkk 5 to 1 is an adult book shop.
I get my Vans from Lot 5 on Botany Road Alexandria.

Sorry Skatexec, My TNT’s were $53.00 from there.

aaaaaargh - cheers Dave. Mine are black/grey and reeeeeally comfortable so I’m happy to have paid full retail on 'em :unamused:

so do 5 to 1 actually sell skate shoes???
may have to check it out!

Yes. Skate shoes. Just bought 2 pairs for $100 Vans.

G’day forum bro’s,

anyone know if this store has any Dr t Hi-tops … I really need some ankle protection

i do note that vans are selling these in US for $29 USD which is a bloody good deal

cheers from Central Coast NSW


Yes I think they do have Dr t Hi-tops.
Here’s there Ph No. (02) 9690 0711
Address: Lot5 2/290 Botany rd NSW 2015

Thanks for the tip.Scored some Vans Fugis :smiley: