Check out the girls

I find it hard to take this seriously as none of the pictures involved skating in a g-string

Maureen, Judy and Penny all told me to say that Mr Mosu is from the Star System Chauvinist Pig and no one should take him seriously unless he:

  1. gets himself in a G-string (preferably bionic).

  2. starts floating outside the Jupiter II in a green body stocking with an inverted fishbowl on his head singing ‘Dr Smith, Dr Smith’ …

(and the Bloop agrees)

Right on all counts Will. How is Dr Smith treating you these days? Hope its better than your friend Gary Glitter!

Hows the b’s tailgrab on the YMCA ramp. That’s rad shit. From what I’ve seen of Lyn-z Adams & Apryl Woodcock etc recently, it seems to me Carabeth Burnside, who’s totally dominated womens vert for decades, has got some serious competition.

Oh man Will, I remember the episode where the green girl fell in love with Dr Smith.

Sorry Leah to hijack the thread with Lost in Space trivia - Will started it.

Girl skaters rock!

And speeking of girl skaters last night saw the debut of Alison to the Mash crew, she put in a good effort which included rolling down a roll in and not freaking out and her first 180 on flat ever.
I can see a fast lerner on our hands go girl go :smiley: 8)

Alisons presents did not go unoticed. It seems to solidify MASH somewhat. Totaly awsome Alison!!

Thanks guys :blush: