China travel advice

My blushing bride and I are looking at heading to China for our honeymoon and we are looking for any helpfull sugestions from those of you that know your way around. We are going from early July to early August (about 34 weeks) and will be travelling on a seriously small budget.

So far we are looking at starting in Beijing and staying there for about a week, then down to Xi’an for the terracotta warriors for a few days and the remainder of time in Guilin and leaving from Guangzou.

Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated particularly regarding cheap methods of travel, the language spoken most in these areas and of course cheap accom.

Before you all post saying ‘go to Shanghai’, I am saving this for a special trip next year. Has this been further discussed as serious option amongst the CDS brethren? The wife and I are keen as!

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Eli back in my late tweenties a mate showned me the way from Beijing to Moscow on the trans Siberia this was a different way for Aussies to get to London in that era. It was a increadible adventure and I would recomend it to you and your lady, If you have not finalised your return flights as yet. 8)

sounds cool, good time of year to be going inland. I’ll add it to the list of possibilties.

CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you 8)

Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:

Congrats Eli.
so when’s the bucks night??

just got back from a week in Beijing about two weeks ago - check out our holiday snaps
we loved it. my wife’s mate is the quebec representative to china and he and his lovely chinese wife showed us around - check our pics on the link. BeiJing Peace Novotel was were we stayed - close to the action and the walking street - clean and pretty cheap - 5 min walk to the forbidden city and maybe 15 mins walk to tian’anmen square - email me at if you like during business hours. cheers mark
ps - Mao said to his people if you havent been to the great wall you’re not chinese - oh yeah - there’s a cool luge that runs along a bit of it :open_mouth: