Christain Hosoi signature ......PENNY!

In case you have not worked it out yet…they really are skateboards!

Link to video - [color=red]Christian Hosoi on Penny!

yeah vid make it look cool, 60,s Gt craze, 70,s Condor craze all beat the hoola hoop and the yo-yo, next gen step up with ya toy and progress to bury that damb scooter, on the other hand pass the plate, was that staab sitting by the pool for the next model,

I reckon it’s cool.

Hopefully Penny bring him down here to do some promos when the board gets released.

That model looks a lot bigger and more like a real board (kinda composite looking) than the normal Penny. Guessing costs a lot more too…

yeah noticed that definetly longer and less flex.

was that flash of helmet and green hair on the deck Staab, pirate model next maybe,

Penny make a bigger one called “Nickel”, same price I think. It has wider trucks and a more versatile wheelbase. The shape looks 100% Penny, not composite just good plastic molding. I reckon Hosoi is riding a real one. :slight_smile:

I reckon you’re right Hambo… it looks like one of the big Penny’s… I think they’re about 4 or 5 inches longer than the standard Penny

Whether you love or loathe Penny boards, they’re an Aussie company selling skateboards all over the world and they’re getting kids off scooters… I’m not seeing any downside to that…

Agree there choppa, let us know when you get yours, I wanna try it out :slight_smile:

Better get two, one for riding and one for the wall :slight_smile:

Was at my local yesterday(Coburg) and I was the only one riding a skateboard. The other ten kids there were on scooters!

So as Choppa has already mentioned, if it gets kids off scooters and onto a board, then that’s a REALLY good thing.

If only they had that Hosoi Penny board back in the 70’s when I started skating. Reckon I would have had one for sure!