Clay J pics

Clay snappin up some moments.

Great photo’s Scott. Am I correct to assume Clay J took the photo’s? If so then how come he is in the third one (is it a timer shot?)

more photo’s! great work

No timer I’m just really fast ,just kidding Mal took the one of me.
Stoked how they came out Scott.Thanks for putting them on for such a computor useless person as myself.

Coooool photos! Great action shots (I like your young bloke getting a stylish one wheeler at Dullos).

I see you captured my fat head in the photo of Mulhall at Bondi (yours truly on the far right of the spectators) - probably saying something liek ‘Faaark’!

Rad shots Clay!

Do any of you guys mind if I use the shots on the front page?

guess that would be Clay J’s call. Im sure he would be stoked if you used the pic’s but maybe email him to be sure

Go for it Braden use whatever you want.

excuse my ignorance, but who are the last 2 shots of?

2nd last shot is GroundHangers (Tony) and last shot is the CarvingKiwi (Andrew)