Had a session at Coburg before heading to the Pox-Bowl.
Heres a few shots of Timmy Jacks

Layback air to tail

Roll in

And a Markham Bert for good measure

cool pics cam liked the markam bert 8) the best


:open_mouth: Markhams middle name is “BERT” :open_mouth:


Great saturation and resolution,

Is the stock tranny?

Nice Portrait of TIMMY JAKS

2-Rad Cam, I wanna roll there…
FTW…from Cam’

The photo of the bert is not a make.
I did not make any of those vert berts on that day in Coborg.

We were just having fun and Cam was taking photos - Cam is a great photographer - my berts still have a ways to go.

100 ASA Provia
Scanned on a Flextight precision scanner.

Michael I am getting jelous of you guys in Melbs. You seem to have things happening all the time.I would love to be down there at the moment.Those berts that your doing look cool and I don’t care about success rates. your doing them. I wish I could find more people who like that style of skating here in Newcastle.We have a real good spot called Bridge banks where 540 slides rule the gravity of the incline lets you roll out with plenty or speed. All slide 4 wheel drift over 2.5 to 3mtrs and roll out ,not like on vert but feels fantastic .We got to hook up and get it happening.Sorry about the delay on the Saurus boards but will be back into it soon. Going to make you a skater and a wall hanger too. Got a slalom event at Bangalow next month but I am getting in board making mode now.Got about 12 boards to make of various types,Saurus,slalom camberflexes, Alva’sMaddog replica from 77 a couple of long boards and Zephyr copies. Going to be concentrating on the Saurus’s first.

OSR - the Boat (BORG) Ramp session must and will happen sometime this year - with the Doctor,Errol, yourself and other interested personal. I’ve been mucking around with my Wentzl Ruml deck to try and tune it for bank skating - slides - revert slides etc and taking it into the pool at Coburg for pure very old school type manouvres. My knee has come back enough to recommence working on berts and slides without discomfort. This board has also been great in the pox bowl for fast carves because it is so tight there but it needs a tail block or something to keep my back foot on when trying to go up the wall to vert as the kick is very slight.

I like the sound of the Bridge Banks. Newcastle is not so far from Sydney and perhaps I could work in a holiday. I could just keep going and surf Seal Rocks/Catrastrophe (though I’m mightly unfit for surfing these days). Guess I could use flippers and my manta and have probably more fun.

There is also an old spot in Wyong (I think) which I dont know if it exists anymore, a train turntable bowl. I skated it a long long time ago. It wasn’t bad back in those days of found terrain when no real bowls existed. Some surfers at Seal Rocks I met in late 78 told me about it and I skated it on the way back down.

There is a lot happening in Melbourne right now. A few scenes going down out of the MOSS group. You’ve got your big terrain ramp riders going off with some great new bowls for them. ANd You’ve got a second MOSS night where some older 70’s guys are dedicating themselves to learning transistion (something they never had when they first skated).
I reckon a few of the guys who have started turning up to that are right into that style of riding your talking about.

Richie - Lately I have been particularly dedicated to scouting out found terrain - and dragging along others to skate it and thats come out of the second MOSS night group. My memories and feelings for skating are formed around the idea that you spent as much time working out how to adapt to riding what existed out there as to learning tricks. In fact I gave up learning tricks after about 76 and just got into the idea of finding stuff and then riding it - almost pure and non technical - like surfing. I’m getting back into that now.

I have less fun skating at the big MOSS nights (though I enjoy the company) which are in modern idealised bowls - most of which I just can’t get going in - and therefore can’t buid up momentum over an evening ( I would have to change my style too much to ride most of the stuff and thats just too hard at 45) - in fact I’ve given up going for now and just skate the weekends in the shit I find.

I love Coborg though I can’t yet skate it well because I’m still scared as hell in it and can’t yet GFI - it fits into that old feeling I have for skating. I love ditches with harsh transition and I love the pox bowl because its just plain awful and making the fast carve right where vert is makes your heart pound fast. I also particuarly love the old Fitzy bowl at the moment because its not just coping all round. It has a hump where you can slide, it has concrete corners to grind and it has bashed up old coping that is awful and catchy. Its deep and shallow and is simple but infinite in the lines you can keep on finding. Its kind of like some mellow old pool, or fishpond reservoir, which is just what I like. On any day you can go there have some fun without too much fear of breaking yourself and then go on to some scarier spot and get an adrenilin rush.

What you guys have is a slalom scene - which there has been talk of here but hasn’t happened. That could be real interesting because its so easy to do right off the bat and have fun and then it gets real hard to do well and get super fast at.

Its all fun.

Bernies working on a regular undercover spot for our slalom wed? nights.

Go Melbourne Slalom, Go!!

Spot on Michael, slalom is a great gig cos anyone can get into it. It’s easy on the body and fun to race other people. At our slalom jams here we have set courses that 99% of people who have never slalomed are making, but that are also fun and challenging at high speeds. This is also a testament to how good skaters the dudes here are, but slalom is also accessible to people who have never skated before. Bugs comes from a snowboard background - he had never been on a skateboard before in his life, yet he was ripping in no time.

I’m flat out till June, then back home to Norway for a couple of months… When I’m back I’d like to come down to Melbourne and we’ll put on a fun slalom event for everyone to check it out!

Guys, what I am trying to put together is a multideck in Lt Collins St, but dont get really excited, as it will probably for very small numbers of people, because building owners freak out about insurance, security, and knowing who is onsite.

There is also a very remote possibility that we might be able to arrange an event to open the new Calder/Tulla freeway interchange flyovers (it will probably also need to be a fundraiser).

We had a really enjoyable session on Good Friday at Highpoint’s carpark, and looking back, the day would have been a real blast with no security guards, some organised racing, and a few more people, like the Sydney slalom crew puts together.

A Slalom session in June…i’d like to that!


Love Coburg, love the boatramp, love analogue photography. Fully Sick!!! Michael and Richie and Errol, when are we doing the boatramp? Should visit San Remo too.

An idea - could the Boat Ramp Session be perhaps part of sydney old school jam. When is that going to be?

If it is too far away or would crowd an already packed aggenda - perhaps we should start a thread and narrow down some mutually convenient dates.
I’m keen on these banks Richie keeps talking about.

San Remo sounds fun too.

All these things would be distractions from having to confront the terror of Bondi and hopefully keep me away from that pit of death and destruction.

Bridge Banks are for high speed surf skating. It’s a single sided banked ‘right hander’ (surfspeak) that starts off at about 2’ high and builds as you go down it to about 12’-15’ at the end. It’s super smooth and has a nice apron around it to go on and off as you skate (surf) down it.
As this section ends, more fun then begins as go downhill into a pedestrian underpass with 60’ long banks on both sides that are about 10’ apart. Watch your head if you go too high in here. When you come out the other end , flick off and paddle back out for more. LOL!

yes - my kind of thing - I’ll do spot anytime.