Cockroach are back

Nicely moulded roachtail by Cockroach. Holes same as Powell peralta. Also saw the horse shoe shaped tailslider that fits a Ray Barbie old school reissue perfectly.

They have 4 new wheels poured with the exact same formula as before. They also have reissued there chunky rib bones. Which are also the same as before and added some nice looking new designed small ribs and maybe more but thats all I saw today. Go aussie!

Cool Skoot - but wheredoyageddit?

Will Tim sell direct to us? GH - you still have a plan to visit? I need a set of 56 photons for the boys b’day and I’d go some big 'roaches in readiness for Homebush :laughing:

I think the tail pivots and the rails are old stock but im not sure, he said that he still had boxes of them. My plan was to go out to Brookie today but, im as crook as a dog.
Skatex, Tims pretty cool about selling direct but if you feel a bit sus on it take Danny out there with you, or even give him a call. You can usually pick up some cheap seconds too.

Boarders at Manly are now filled up with cockroaches. :laughing: Thats where I got this one.

Would be nice to get some customs done to match the shape of the BDS decks or something wide we can cut down

Sing out when you wanna go GH - I’ll drive. Maybe on a friday arvo? Not this fri though.

I can’t leave my m-f mill-stone:cry:

If Tim sticks with the OG Cockroaches they almost paralleled SC’s range didn’t they? Various diams 55 - 66mm with that bullet profile? He could sell those in the US too - one ad in CW is all it’d take.

When are the wheels coming out - fuck the plastics! i heard the wheels might be out late this year - everyone knows no one uses plastics!


Real men ride phat (12") pigs. And er, tail skids 8)
Boarders at Manly have all the Cockroach wheels. I think 56, 58 and 60 and maybe 54 dia. 95 and 97 duro. There website is about a week or two behind what actual stock they have.

Hey Skatexec & GH, if you go to see Tim can I tag along.Got a near mint cond OZI complete.3 wheels are missing.Curious on a bit of background plus maybe some old stock wheels.Also I live 10mins from Brooky,beer in the fridge & a new quarter (just finished on the weekend) so if your passing… :wink:

I’m the guest above :blush:

I dissagree with the tail pads maybe rails! but not tailpads. Next they’ll re-issue the horse shoe tailpad. hahahaha

anyone in melbourne stock the wheels or do i call johnnymc here in melbourne!


Or perhaps reissue the Power Pivot?

I’d be interested in some of the rails for the beer shop cruiser (its already got the nose and tail bones!).

ppmurf your someone who deals in “old school stuff” so Im kind a surprised at you dislike of tailbones. Anyway each to there own. They would look kind of wrong on a modern deck. True. I ride squre tail single kick wide decks and scrape the tail a lot. And I love all that kind of stuff. Yes im old. And yes you can get those horse shoe tailpads :open_mouth: . My modern pool setup (blacklabel Olson pool deck) has no plastic on it.
I love it all. 8)

+1 Mr Tansley. My thoughts exactly!!

reissue lappers and copers - now that’s what I’m talkin bout booooy :wink:

Onya Steve, just for the fun of it im straight down the garage on that one

Nothing wrong with some plastic fantastic…thankyou!!
Go Cockroach!! Where do I get IT.

Maybe braden can deal some. Or just email to and order online.

Hey - scott dont get me wrong but i love my oldschool and am pumped to get some oldschool wheels and roach rails but tail savers were the worst invention by skate companies ever - it prolloongs the life of decks in which they aimed to sell - cutting off the hand that feeds them in my books - but funny that you dont see them on decks thesedays. Skateparks are full of us oldies on our fat fish decks but ive never in my days of late seen a tailpad on a deck.

I ride a original lance mountain doughboy with tracker ultralites and tbones all original oldschool. My other deck is a label red cross 8.5 but thats about the thinner i will go!