Concrete wave direct from charlie!

I usually get 10 per issue but cannot keep up with demand from just the MOSS guys.
Who else is having trouble getting them and would like to buy them through me?
I have access also to the last issue. (belco)

Me, I’m sick of playing roulette with the newsagent


If my current subscription via yourself is OK I woudl like to continue it!


Dave Pang

Got my copy today in the mail. But the damn thing got wet!! Haven’t read it yet, wating for it to dry.

Yeah I’m keen - my local newsagent finally got it in after I asked him to order it (and the cheeky prick wanted me to pay UP FRONT for two issues! I politely declined). That and I’m tired of gettting them months late. Do you have the issue after the one with Mike Smith on the cover?

next one has Benji Galloway on the cover and then the latest (last week) has that gravity slider guy sergio yuppie (or whatever) on the cover with stuff on dave reul, and heaps of slalom. has a nice piece by stacy peralta talking about some sessions with cab and for hacketts 45th birthday, cab reckons he cant do tucknee grabs anymore cause of his gut, and hackett and stacy had to hit the anti inflammatries to get them out there!!

Jaysus, I am behind the times…you wouldnt happen to have the ones I’m missing perchance Mr. Braden?

I have 10 of these babies due to arrive mon or tues…$7.00 shipped.
(that’s cheaper than the newsagent yeh?)

i"ll have one thanks - I’ll send the money to you Wed. (payday!)

Ill take one.

What about Juice mag are you able to get hold of them Bradon or anyone know where to get em?

I bought a copy of Juice from the newsagent at Taylor Square - they had one and its the only copy I’ve ever seen. Had to pay throught the nose for it too!

I understand it only comes out intermittently, and the latest copy of it is apparently out…somewhere!

I’d love a copy of that too. I’ll keep my eye out at Taylor Square, and pick up whatever I can find and pass them on.

Mags are hard work (read too much) to get from the states, you have to buy 50+ cause of the weight. The other cool one apart from juice is concussion…I’m working on it.

yes please Braden.
subsrcibe me to your concrete wave distribution network.
jimmy :smiling_imp:

I subscribed to Juice…got 2 issues and havent seen anything for ages and I know from guys on the BDS site the latest is out. comes surface mail so will just wait…was meant to be 5 issues.

Shame as it is awesome reading and takes ages to read

have not had any answer to emails re other product either

Braden please put me down for concrete wave as well.

I’m keen to get them from you from now on Braden.I’ll send down a postal money order asap.Can you email your post address to me pls.