Concrete Wave Summer 2005

Just picked up a copy at lunch - not sure if it has been out a while (don’t think so). Great article on Tony Hallam’s favourite boards, and an amazing pic of a new skatepark in the Caymen Islands on the editor’s letter page (and some other shots here: Now to convince the family that should be our next holiday destination!

As someone who works in publishing and has previously looked after niche titles (including Australian Skateboarding), I reckon Concrete Wave is one of the best examples of a title that really knows how to talk to its audience. Brilliant stuff.

Check this one out of the Cayman Park!

It is a gr8 mag, glad to see it is becoming available locally. I subscribe another good one we dont get is Juice

Thats totaly amazing. Would need lights on wheels to session that mother.

CW is the Skateboarder of the twenty-first century.

I look forward to the latest uissue as much as I did Skateboarder in 1979.

The black pearl park looks too big to be true huh?

Now to win Lotto - so I can build a replica here in Sydney!!!

your misses will never let you do that!

Lotto wouldn’t be enough Col. Parra is costing $225K.

Talking CW. I was re-reading an old issue (as you do) and coveting that NY guys private ramp in outer New Jersey built by Team Pain. All timber inside a warehouse - how’d you like to be close person friends with THAT guy?

I reckon Joe the Greek concreter from Melbourne could do it cheaper than that!

Hmmm - perhaps buy a warehouse and recreate that wooden structure in CW? It makes Hully’s ramp look kinda small bickies (and have fun there tonight folks!).

Yep…I’ve died and gone to HEAVEN!!!

Wonder how much it costs to get there…(might have more chance of making it to heaven, then… maybe not!!!)

Joe the Greek concreter did a nice job at Northcote. pleased to say we’re back in action.

i am involved with the wave mag,i am hopefully bringing a dist deal with me from the u.k. in december when we emigrate to oz,look out for it dudes… :wink: sshhh! i’ve said to much already…blabbermouth :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

hey boomer and bring some walkers crisps , yorkie bars ,and toffee crisps (only joking) got a copy of the australian doco tic tac to heelflip for you to let you know what your in for

cool mate, do i need to bring pot noodles as well ???lol :laughing:

whoops forgot to log in ,that was me :blush:

Actually for all you ex-pat pommies, a shop just opened in Bondi Junction (the name of which escapes me!) which sells all that sort of U.K. stuff like your Pot Noodles, tea, Yorkie Bars, etc…

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