Coneing Sunday Arvo Love. (Melb) Includes G.S and Down Hill

just purchased 25 cones which are still in transit, borrowed bradens for sunday, heading to essendon at 11 am if your keen.
Looking at in the future slaloming on random sunday arvo,s after a morning ramp or bowl etc, be it were ever. spot suggestion please / welcome.
Last sunday of month 25-5 going to head to a new spot just of monash freeway at blackburn, its a car park hill with a 90 degree bend then a second down hill squirt with plenty off run, from this point trot up 10 stairs and start again.

A fun day of cone avoidance thanks Mark :slight_smile:
Pitty esendon is so far and with no e-tag its painfull to get to :angry:
Some of the open parks in and around the city look to have potencial.
Later :wink:

Spewin I couldn’t make it today. Flagstaff Gardens in the city would be good for single lane slalom practice. There’s also a few paths around Alexandra gardens and the Myer Music Bowl which are smooth and have suitable gradient.

A location closer to you guys worth checking out is the multi level carpark at the back of Monash Uni. It’s empty on a Sunday. It’s also the only place in the world where I hold the title of reigning race champion. :smiley:

25/5 being this sunday going to head to No 1 ricketts rd mt waverley, mel ref 70 f6 for a spot of slalom at said spot first post, was figuring a ramp or bowl in the morning, then to ricketts around lunch give or take an hour depending on morning session crew and location ?, express interest now?

you gonna be riding one of these?


Is that yours?

Not mine. Just posted for the Badlands reference. See the bottom of Mark’s home made decks.

I’ll try and make it on Sunday.

Here’s mine:

I was gunna say that wegde business is doin ya well hambo.
weathers lookin good.
nice lookin stik you are bringing.

Got the grommett this weekend so ill say tentative maybe.

whoah - yeah that herr vaughnster is a cool board, pity its not yours hambo.
good to see you guys are getting out and avoiding some cones…

decided on 12.00 on sunday at ricketts, after a bit of tranny at knox if any ones up for cone dodgeing.

figuring on headind back to ricketts next sunday 8 june at 11.00, plenty of time to fit a morning skate, get spent on cones at 11, head home for a 5 hour arvo nap to wake and drink beer before the next day.
more long brders required.

Tomorow if weather permits 1:00pm 2 lanes of slalom at 78 c6 street with no name runs paralel with south rd enter of warigal rd.
SORRY about the short notice :blush:
SEEYA :wink: :wink: :wink:

Stop off and get some Khiro bushings from Mac’s Waterski World in South Rd. on the way 8) Oh yeah, they’ll probably be closed :blush: I’m digging those “bitch” bushings you had Hamish. Gotta get a few sets.

just had very light rain but has stopped…still on??

If its too wet MONASH CARPAK FUN 8) 8) 8)

O.Kay, Fuk 2nd guessin the rain, commit to gettin under cover, 11.00 Oclock, Monash Uni Car Park for Cone dodgen.

I am skating Knox bowl early Mark, see how we go after that.
I’ll call you first to see where you are mate.

Karl if Paul, cannonball is at Knox can you let him know to come down with his wiggler.