cotech photons

Hi guys I’m new to this board ,

Just started skating again 6 weeks ago mainly on street haven’t been to any ramps or parks yet.

Lastweek I bought a set of the new photons by cortech and i’m really happy with them.they look strange for skatewheels but seem to do the trick just the same. I don’t know what to compare them to as I’ve only had schmidt stick sawblades, powell parelta G Bones and a set of bullets from 1998 . The bullets lasted me till now, but these new wheels seem very good paired up with some bones reds which I bought new too. I have heard about them flat spotting but that hasn’t happened to mine yet.
My early experiance so far with them is good but will have to wait and see how they are after a few months of thrashing lol when I get back to thrashing.

yeah those wheels sound good.

i wish i was as cool as you skating up/down the street with those blue wheels.

blue wheels rule!


You come out sounding worse redtor!

Hello again,

After skating these wheels for a couple of weeks now I think they are not that good for street ! They just don’t slide either, but on the upside they are really good at skateparks and on a smooth surface. Very smooth and fast. I haven’t skated them on a mini ramp or vert yet but am sure they would be good for that.

Can anyone recommend a good wheel for street, I love sliding so they’ve got to be able to slide.

Eli sorry about that Redtor that was my little sister sabotaging my post lol

Try some new 96a cockroaches sk828 - 60mm.

I don’t know what duro the blue photons are but they feel like 100 to me. White photons are just out - softer formula but only go to 54mm I think so far.

If you want to really sliiiide on the road you’ll need to go looking for a specific type wheel.

Gravity make Sliding wheels.
Try their site.

try some BDS black death wheels in the size of your choice.

Rock hard fast and dont flat spot

Yeah I might try some cockroaches I never bought cockroches when they were first out in the late 80’s but some friends had them. I might try them out, Always liked the look of them. The cortechs have little lines running through the urethane I think that’s why they don’t slide oh well don’t really want them to be too slidy I guess.

dude the lines go after like 3 sessions photons absolutely rock my world, and yours to soon

Photons are avaliable in a 50mm 52mm 54mm 56mm 58mm and 61mm they are 98a with a hard core so they feel harder than they really are. I am on a set of 54mm for the street they are sick

All correct Guest and the white is the same formula as the blue with a slightly different profile.