CROSS - Canberra Region Old School Skaters

Hi, my name’s Paul. I’m a 40+ RSL keen to hook up with any old skaters from the Canberra Region for weekly sessions.

Interested in parks, pools, ditches, downhill, slalom and ramp skating.

My brother and I have come up with a name and logo (imaginitively incorporating the ‘_OSS’ acronym) but, as there’s only 2 of us we feel we need some company!

If anyone is interested - either locally or just visiting - private message me and I’ll get back to you.


PS: Stickers coming soon.

Here’s how the logo is looking so far:

Looking great Paul :open_mouth:

Yeah, very nice Paul. Was that done in Illustrator?

I’m sure Dave Pang will be keen to hook up for a roll.

Looks like Mick beat me to the punch. I was going to recomend Pangy help you out. Don’t know if he would be available to skate a lot cause of his job. I he can get you hooked up on the OSS trip though.
Newcastle and Central /Coast Old school Skaters got started informally and is a casual loose group of skaters.You Canberra boys should have done it years ago .Good on ya go the CROSSERS

NACCOSS wishes you all the best for the future.

Hey Michael,
It started as a pencil sketch that was scanned and hand traced in Illustrator. Still needs some detail on the board and blood shot eyes.

BTW, I’m Paul’s brother, John. When he says there’s only 2 of us, there’s really only him cos I move back to Melbourne this week!

Very, Very nice John. I gather you work in the art industry.

Thanks Michael.
I’m a graphic Designer by trade but it’s rare that I actually get to do something illustrative. This was one of the most fun things I’ve done in ages!

My wife just did an interview for a job at the ANU. If she gets it, I’ll be moving to Canberra in 07 - hopefully right next to Belconnen!

So, that might be a member for you. Are you aware of the illustrious Canberra tradition of the FODs (Far Out Dudes)?

Nice work Mexi.
Wondered where you had disappeared to.

Now that you have admitted to being a graphic designer we will be contracting out all poster work to you. :smiley:

What are you going to do in Canberra Bill - become a full time skating bum?

Bill, married, wtf, when did that happen. You never told us that! Or maybe I wasnt listening. Excuse my ignorance.

Scoot, its been 23 years! (OK, we’re not legally married, but if I say ‘partner’ people think i’m gay - not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Michael, I will spend 24 hrs a day posting cryptic comments about Boris on CDS. No one will notice any difference …

BTW, I think Convey still sk8s in Canberra, as well as Pangy.


I’m in!

I live near Weston so it is my weekday local (lights in situ etc so I sometimes roll down there between 20:30 - 22:00hrs)

I have been slack but Byron Convey and Chris Airs hit up Belco most weekends (I have just started filling the few chunks in the coping, so its riding pretty well and there is less chance of the chunks throwing you off!). They also hit up Tuggers now and again (I just don’t get amped on that place).

I’m keen to get involved in routine sessions at various locations (Civic is fully illumated too! ( OIC Home Command approval pending!).

Wednesday or Thursday evenings/afternoons would suit me for a scheduled weekday session!

Weekends are dictated by the usual family priorities but skating does get some voting rights!

Dr Bill,

FOD - Far Out Dudes,
FOD - Freds Own Designs,

PEZ is still kicking around Canberra,

I caught up with Dave Goggin last Belco Bowl Jam (he does the Carve Boards things, [bloody ripping time down hills at the Tinbinbilla tracking station}. Carl Frommel (other owner of Surfscene) came out too!

I am hoping Trev King will be writing some words on Surf Scene and FOD for my book.

Mark Eaton (Pook?) is sending me most of his old photos and flyers to scan and use for the Canberra part of the book!

Keep an eye out for Extended events linked to Belco Bowl Jam-

Friday-Canberra Road Rogues - the alternate Canberra skatepark tour!
Saturday - Belco Bowl Jam
Sunday - Ainsle drains slalom and ditch comp!

Man, FOD rings a bell!
I remember when I was a grom meeting this older kid at the Kambah halfpipe. He had the old Surf Scene ramp in his backyard!
I went up there once to ride it, anticipating some sick backyard session out of the Bones Brogade Video Show but it was just me by myeslf. Very lame.

Here’s the finished (I think) version of the logo graphic. Still gotta add text though. It starting to look a lot like Lee Ralph I reckon!

Holy smokin! That turned out amazing John. I hope my skills with the pencil and mouse evolve to be as amazing as yours. I wouldn’t mind at all if you sent me the .ai file to salivate over. hehe…

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, a bit slow replying, but i dont get to sit at the keypad to often. John (see Mexi) has been keeping me informed & doing a wicked job with our logo.

Hey doc, keep us posted about the wife’s job at the uni, the more the merrier.

Dave Pang, got your pm will email you soon, thanks for replying.

FOD, Surf Scene, Fred & Carl, man now i know im reliving my chidhood. As if there were any doubt, skated Spence drains a few months ago, first time in 27 years…ya got to crawl before you can walk…again.

Cheers, Paul


Is Spence still skateable from the drop in bowl to the intersection? It would be a real bitch to clean the whole thing.


With plans to use Ainslie for the Sunday after Belco Bowl Jam, I am keen to suss it out a bit and slowly clean all the crap out of the venue total!

Day off tomorrow due to teachers strike (look after kids) so I feel a roll at Weston is in stall!

Woohoo… Ainslie! It’s been too long my old friend. I can’t wait!