crossing the pond

hi ,just found your site,i am emigrating to oz by november from the u.k.,am going to be in the kincumber nsw area,just looking for people to hook up with to skate, i started skating in 1976 & have never given up, i currently the u.k. team manager for & am bringing my part of the company to oz under the ‘buffalo pacific’ banner .
i also am involved with concrete wave magazine, i am also admin on the mighty website.
me being a london skater i am goner feel a bit like fish outta water coming down under…help me out doodes, you got some great crete,anyone around the kincumber area?.. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this is me last year on a european tour in mostales pool in madrid spain , i luv pools me :smiling_imp:

Welcome Boomerdog - glad you found us! We need more skilled immigrants (skate skills should count I reckon).

Kincumber (Central Coast, NSW) is a bit light on for serious 'crete - the indoor ‘Slam Factory’ at a place called Tuggerah is close to you and Umina and Kariong have smallish parks.

You’ll be travellin some to roll the bigger/better terrain in Sydney town.

Keep an eye on the site and we can hook you up here.

cool beans dude,thank’s for the welcome ,travel is not a problem,last year i took in,FDR park in philly[twice in 6months!],new york,algota[northern spain] ,madrid, this year has already seen south america,plenty of air miles! , get out and shred !. :smiling_imp:

Welcome Boomerdog. Stylin’ f’s air there. You’d be of the Mark (Mad Dog) Baker, Simon (was it Livingston? or somesuch) generation of English sk8ers then eh? Any of those dudes still rolling?

Guest=ERROL (forgretfully not signed in. Again)

yeah i’m from the baker generation, ther’s a lot of us still shreddin’,
catch up on all the old names at

catch up with you doodes soon i hope :wink:

Hey boomerdog, Look at the yellow sticker on my bahne.

Welcome Boomerdog!

oi boomerdog would you adam and eve it i live in kincumber been in oz sinse 88 was a knebworth and stevenage bowes line grom ah! knebworth bowl went to the rom , farnborough ,etc skate scene its great here i know it sounds corny but it does have the perfect skate/surf lifestyle mate if you need any help about the area moving etc contact me on 0243684884

rom is me local me old china!

2 weeks ago at rom :smiling_imp:

me at knebworth around ‘89’ i think :slight_smile:

stevenage bones brigade tour ‘88’…cab 8)

thank’s for the contact dude,will be in touch :wink:

…cool beans…boomer