This year should be a big for the CCC Pro-Team consisting of various vanquished talent that reside in the Sydney district that practice under ACTA laws
The support of all fellow skaters of any race and age will be called upon for mandatory hallooing/yahooing during the epoch of Bondi’s Bowlarama rollerboarding and festivities.
Merchandise will be available at cost only and you will be supporting a significant movement in the history of skateboarding.
So support your local pro’s and become part of the CCC team and stamp out CORPERATE TYRANNY. Its your duty!


Any enquiries welcome.

Shit yeah

No way DUDE’S, the CCC sounds good to me.Sign me up DOGS.Oh! I mean snakes :open_mouth: :laughing: 8)

far out didnt read this thread before i came down on saturday i will buy one for sure it matches my flyaway .

Cease and Desist Order.

You are instructed the use of the name “cobra” and the depiction of such is a breach of copyright law. Real and intellectual property pertaining to “cobra” is and remain s the property of Cobra Ltd. and may only be used under licence.

Continued use of the word "cobra’ and any cobra image (even with rattle snake tail) will lead to immediate legal action.

Snake Pliskin - Solicitor

Hey pliskin(snake) the @obra’s are done :open_mouth: We dont want any big trouble(little china style) :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hey Greg, have you got any of the T shirts left? If so Id be keen on purchasing one.

No probs Andy what size?

Me too, large thanks.


Yeah, large for me also Greg. Have you any of the Blue ones left? Ill catch up with you at one of the upcoming sessions.