Custom BDS setups

Part of my particular BDS disease is setting up boards I have no intention of riding, I know I’m not the only one and Tukinator from the BDS forum is the master of pimpin rides…heres some of his work.

Go the RIT dye! Never looked, can you get RIT dye here? A set of ultrathane minidubs dyed to match my skull and cane would be sweet.

Theres no way I’m gonna bolt her together though.

What’s that deck braden? more pics puhleeze :laughing:

It’s the original longboard graphic, called the 38 special. A ltd # done with airbrush called “psycho sprays”.
Bought from i.r Taz from BDS forum, check his BDS museum:

Sixtrack mags
70’s Variflex nos wheels

That shape in a 32.5 x 8.75 ish would be perfect!

Skatexec, braden and I have discussed this and we think a quad 9 would be the go. Ive raised this a few times on the bds forum and seem to get a fair bit of support so hopefully

I have a quad 10 i got in the states and i skate it its 34x10 and has the same wb as my skull & cane, have just put a set of the 6.5 destructo’s and 97a mini dubs on it will test it 2morrow at the ring of fire

A quad 9 x 32 or 33 with a 16wb would be awesome

keep the fingers crossed

Hell yeh, never thought along those lines. The other possible is a new Buddy though if he’s happy with the current shape, it’ll be new art only i spose.

The Firm Barbee I just bought has a frag longer wb than the shogoII and it’s a nice ride. I’ll measure it tonight actually.

My S&K is waiting for minidubs in ultrathane :laughing: