Cyber Bludging

I note that the number of posts here appears to go up slightly on Friday afternoons…could it be that cyber bludging is rampant in the workplace?

Having said that I am an ace cyber bludger - I sit in front of a computer all day (NSW Public Service - your tax dollars hard at work) and my computer has an ever growing list of skate related sites on the faves list. Well they wont let me look up naked sheilas, bomb recipes or racial hatred websites so I have to look up SOMETHING!

Oh is that the time? - time to head home for a skate/surf/ or boring domestics!

too busy here to respond :unamused:

don’t tell anybody :smiling_imp:

Best post ever. :unamused:

Well it’s friday arvo again - who’s bludgin?

Not me - I’m too busy workin’…

your on here and BDS thats not bludging???

Funny thing - here I am at work on Friday doing just that.

I agree Scott, best use of the forum so far!

Whats an ollie :open_mouth:

Im seriously bloodging so hard today that I dont know what to say. :bulb:

Right bludgers - how’s your workload this arvo?

Busy mate - just running out the door as I type…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: bondi. when are you skating the w/e? I’m out for tomorrow but will be at dulwich sundy

I’ll probably hit Bondi early early tomorrow morning, then I’m a busy bloke for the rest of the day…Sunday, as much as i’d like to join you and the lads at Dulwich Hill, unfortunately I’m pre-booked (swimming club at the Bergs followed by whatever the wifey dreams up!).

Had a few friends over tonight they just left. Look at the time! (its 5:45 am) Damn. This time last week I was already skating at Bondi after a good nights sleep. Better crash. Dulwich Hill sun morning will have to do.