Dalek Vision

Burdened with a single crippling low-res mid-20th century british built mechanical eye this is all Davros’ single decrepit Dalek Agent was able to see today of a low key airport transit session @ Coburg. The transmission to Davros was intercepted by a Bondi based gang of abusive and increasingly aggitated Ice Warriors and passed on to MOSS. The full transmission will be available as soon as the complex cyphers locking the shocking footage have been cracked. It is understood that Davros was preparing an ambush for the Dr. at Epping but clever footwork by his Sydney allies joyriding in his Tardis prevented the Dr. from travelling there and thus falling into the hand(s) of thousands of Daleks hiding behind the 1/4 pipe.

Adrian Jones not being stoopid.

The Dr. stoopidly one wheeling with a damaged exoskeleton.

Sean - fears the coping despite the Doctors insane demands that he sacrifice himself on it and enter the next dimension.

The Dr. himself deluded with the pain of a broken rib and jabbering about Proustian grinds goes FS and has to have a special cigarette and a good lie down afterwards.

Davros must now return to the hard work of plotting, scheming and planning to pave the world over and destroy nature having been distracted by the failed attempt to destroy the doctor.

you do that Davros but first can you get a decent camera.

(nice low res pic’s by the way, I see the first pic of the Doctor captures his best side)

I think they’re frame grabs from Davros’ video camera?

Davos has a video in his turn table it makes the shots look very evil , I think it was in the darlek proto type, but there weapons where more important in the final production model that replaced the karleg race. 8) PS where are we skating tomorrow night bondi ?

I will make Putfile OBEY. If not it will be EXTERMINATED.

i find your video log most satisfactory dave, i think the doctor skates well for an injured and aged man

Davros, nothing is happening for me :cry: Did you click the ‘make available to public’ button (working from depleted memory banks here)?

FOOL - you dare question Davros’s mastery of internet technology.

But yes the availabilty to public is activated.
Hal 9000 must have been able to view it whoever that is I guess by the comment.

It tests ok on my machine. Though it takes a moment or two to get going.

Could this be a bit of the MAC devilish incompatibility thing that prevented me from seeing retro Pymble. (I eventually used another MAC and was able to see it so I still don’t know what the reason was in the end). Its a Quicktime clip made on a latest version MAC so maybe older PC software has trouble?? Try another machine! Try a MAC? Beyond that I cannot think what to do.

Davros, I perceive two possibilities for you in this context:

  1. OBEY


PS. will try another machine


Have successfully viewed self in virtual dalek mirror. requires installation of latest quicktime. also requires intimate knowledge of Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of Time, Stephen King’s Rarely Read “Pup Cemetary”, and Davros’ Overly Long and Turgid History of The Inducement of Stoopid Self-Bashing.

BTW, thanks to HAL for the ambiguous compliment. Here I am, an aged and injured man, contemplating how to grind the monolith wall of the jupiter bowl (while waving at ya):

In the meantime, I’m just waiting for this boring old bone to morph into something really far out and relaxing (and I don’t mean a spaceship)

In the hope it will make me feel like this:

And practicing for Wedge’s cup of death in my own new mortdalean fullpipe:

The initial meeting for the next event seems to be going well Dave