Damn these trucks are good!

I know they’re not O.G. but they turn better than Indy’s and are every bit as stable as Trackers. I will be stocking em soon, they come in 6" and 6.5". Especially good on the Skull and Cane and the flat pigs!

Eli, the kingpin is really low too!

Looks like a Destructo truck. :wink:

Oh yeh Destructo.

Rode em this morning, looser than usual and they rock!

bring em on braden!!!

Any truck that rocks when loose is worth considering. Only winge is that there isn’t much room to get a socket over the kingpin nut. To loosen them of course.

Im trying these destructo’s now and don’t feel they carve as well as my old tracker agros (15 yr’s),
keen to go and try some indy 169’s and compare them. any one tested both set ups??

I am not a fan of stage 9 indy’s, I think they lost the plot. I like Tracker 6 tracks and the destructo’s. I have had all 3 on my Skull and Cane rider and like the destructo’s best!

I think trucks are the most personal thing on a skatey

ive tried 6tracs and prefer indy 169’s but ive been on indy’s since my skating rebirth. The 6 tracs feel ok on my shogo 11 with the shorter wheelbase and the black hanger looks super cool

Ride whatever feels the best