Dennis 'Polar Bear' Agnew passed away

Hi guys,

I haven’t read anything about this on any Oz sites so far,

Seems dennis ‘Polar Bear’ Agnew passed away a few weeks ago :cry:

I remember some of the skatebaord magazine shots of Polar skating Hobie gear really inspired me all those years ago.

Skaet hard, Skate smooth Polar!

I havent seen it for around 25 years or so but ive managed to keep a perfect image in my head of Polar Bears center page spread in Skateboarder. Ollie off the hip at Marinas Dog bowl. Ill have to chase that one up now. RIP Bear.

Polar Bear was one guy who never got much credit (read any) in DT&Z Boys or apparently the upcoming LODT - shame. As you say Groundhangers, he was certainly a big name/big style skater in his day.

Good to see you here too groundhangers, make the trek to dulwich hill on sunday 8am for a good ol boys sess if you can.

Thanks skatexec. whats the addy of Dulo

Look for Jack Shanahan Park in the UBD mate. Sorry a bit slow on the reply, had an early mark friday and only just havin a look here now (sat night 7:10pm).

It can be tricky to get to. Look for Terrace Road and Hercules Street off off New Canterbury Road. They sorta meet close to a railway over pass and the entrance to the park is just the other side of that.

Not a prob, i only just logged in ive been out drinking. Im not sure if i will get out there but im damn keen. If i can round up another, ill be there! Ive had a look at Dulo skate park on Sk8parx, some doughnut looking bowl surely thats not it! is it? or is there more to it?

Thats the old snake run. Its still there. Theres a whole new skatepark there now. Must a been old pics.

Ok. Just checked sk8parx again hmmm i missed the other one at Dulo. I think cause Drew had it in that gharstly green color that you couldnt see any way. It looks like alot of fun. If i get out there it will be more close to 9ish. Hang Loose!! Greg-0400313679