Dogtown bigfoot decks still available

Last time I checked they were all gone, but I found some.
Anyone interested? $125.00 shipped.

Yes please Braden.
Tell me what to do.

Will keep one aside…with your rockets!
Will have them fri.

Thanks Bro

I shouldn’t…but I will 8)

Friday, ya reckon :smiley:

Mr Markham your chicken is ready…drop over or see you when?

Are you going to Newport tomorrow?
I can drop in there.
Bernie is keeping it low key for Council but I should try and get back into my wednesdays,

newport it is.

After that little night session yesterday I’m wired into that original short Bigfoot now Braden. Its my all time fav. rider ever. I can see myself breaking it. Look out for another one please along the way and if one comes up let me know I’ll need a spare.
Plus the tunnels - everything is right in markham land if I can keep on riding this set up.

Ah, so you’ve discovered the 12" magic carpet ride. Bigfoots rule.

He ruled the bowl last night 8)

Bigfoot 2 is not good. Too long - too much flex - truly a pig.
Bigfoot OG is good. nimble and nice.

I like both bigfoots. BTW I dont find the flex you mention a problem either.
All flat pigs flex to some degree but.

Big Daz loves his Big FOOT 2 as well - as you know.
But I think he finally cracked one of its layers or something.
Started flexing a lot more.

When I said BF 2 is a pig it is so for me as I’m smaller and lighter than Daz - I have not taken it to a ditch yet though - might go OK there - cause it is so cruisy. It did OK in more wide open bowls like the big central square bowl at Box Hill where it wasn’t too bad I suppose.
The OG is perfecto cause I do love the flat wide top much more than concave.
Just right for slide type shit I’m up to on the lip now. The huge flat underside is abolutely controllable in this type stuff - I’m destroying the graphic of course but I don’t care. I’m of the destroy the board school of thought. Its unreal for bowl wall berts and it loves to grind - double truckers, B/S grinds - thats down to the 215’s which are wider than they ever originally ran but who cares they make old man grinds cinch easy.
Its the same sort of length as the little WRIV deathbox I crank out from time to time but better. That is narrower and has concave but somehow the concave isn’t good for berts really not enough shoe grip on the nose and the tail is too narrow. It just comes adrift on big vert layouts and is not so good when on vert generally as say in Coborg but not so the og BF. other thing is this BF turns like a bitch but with no wheelbite so far - in contrast to BF2 where I was getting some serious wheel bite front and back.

I’ve gone from losing it on the lip to holding it now - through nothing other than the board (and the wheels too I think). ITs a hot setup and I’m staying retro.

I’m looking at the big quadplane I’ve got and I’m thinking I’ll cut it down down into a shorter wheel base snub nose (ala those new Lonnie Toft bamboo snubnoses - seen those) and see what its like too. BUt its got a lot of concave so I’ll have to see. Might be good though for the front foot on vert in say Coborg or Wetback Baldy or even Pox Bowl as its got the tail to hold your back foot in for those faster pool like transitions - which we have to master Scott.