Don't be scared of 12"

A suggestive post you think:lol:

I’ll get to the point…The Big Foot 11 is 12" wide and is like a magic carpet.

I have it set up with 215 Indy’s and Orange BDS shogo’s 92a and it goes unreal big Daz ordered one after riding mine.

best suited to bigger bowl but feels like the best of both a longboard and a responsive smaller old school deck, an easy transition between my bulldog and the BF11.

Go wide while they last.

saw you rippin on the big dog at Maroubra Satdy there Fletch!

saw some interesting set ups actually. who was the guy with the longish deck maybe a 36, soooper wide and loooose trucks, big what looked like 70mm or so square shouldered wheels? that thing looked like it could u-turn in it’s own length and he was motorin’ on it!

dude with the 'hawk and no shoes was rippin on his grosso full. saw a nice red kross olson stinger cut too.

Dude with hawk is Mal. He’s a regular at the Bra and at the Riverwood bowel.
I see him there on fridays at lunch hour ripen round the park and the bowel.
Then he’ll stop and help out some kid trying to roll in or drop in. Super cool dude.
I just took my BigFoot with its newly installed rockets down there today at lunchtime. Park was completelly empty. That thing fly’s and carve like crazy now. Magic carpet ride and then some.


kids liked his doo :slight_smile:

did you go to the OSSJ Scott?

man, i’d like to get out for a skate at lunch but the collar n tie’s a bit you know and my staff would pish 'emselves - people just don’t understand :cry:

Sketexec, that wasnt me at the bra It was my disciple Big daz. I got a skull & cane he rode it, loved it got one. He rode my new Bigfoot last tues night at our MOSS sess and once again loved it and got one lol.

He put it together on the plane I think lol.

Wide is the way to go

skatexec, I was there in the morning for a few hours. Was busy taking pics and video. Next year I will definatelly be there the whole day.
So skatexec you live in Sydney. There’s and oldschool get together sat and sun mornings at Dulwich Hill skatepark. We usually do from 8 till 11 in the morning.


I get up to Sydney ofr work from time to time, would be gr8 to hook up for a skate with you guys.

I usually base myself out at paramatta or Coogee depending on where i have to be

scott - i’m keen. where abouts in dulwich hill is the park?

fletch - ol mate looks like you + goatee! thought it musta been you :^) mate i’m in parramatta. so when you’re next up pm me and we’ll hook up for a skate with scott over there at dulwich hill.

Dulwich Hill is in the “Jack Shannon Reserve” Hercules street Dulwich Hill.
Its like a bunch of interconnecting various size bowls that you can roll in and carve continuously from one to the next… With a large half pipe on the side. And the old snake run is still there too. If you dont drop in you can still rollin and have heaps enough speed to take 4 or 5 different fast park carve lines.
And best of all, if you get there at 8 in the morning there’s only Steve and myself there.
My favourite line there is to roll in of the large ramp, left across the top of the first wall into a key hole bowel (2 feet higher than Bra Bowl) then back out, then over a big hump then over to a large wall that you pump to the right of into a tight whippy bowl then out over the large funbox pumping back up the start ramp. When kids turn up seeing us do it they start to line up behind us to have a go and make it out without a single push. Very oldschoolable considering it was designed by a BMX-er.

i’ll get there one sat morning - can never tell when, depends on family movements ;^)



set out with a plan to skate dulwich hill sat morning but it looked like rain so we aborted. we’ll make though scott… sometime…

Fletch I have the BFII disease real bad. Im having a hard time forcing myself to ride my other boards. I mean I still like to ride my smaller pigs , its just when I get back on my pool double kick concaves its like wrong and I cant skate as good. So I get back on the BFII and all feels good again. The old school dudes at the Bra bowl say I should also ride my pool decks in there for a few days till it feels right again but to me its a fun ride vs do the tricks thing. So I rode my pool skool for a whole session there and it started to feel ok and tricky cool again but the next day I went there I opened the boot and you know what I grabbed eh.

Warning…BFII is way too much fun.

Yeh got to agree BF2s kick ass.There ain’t much I can’t do on BF2 that that i can do on all my other boards.The best thing is I now get away with some skechy landings doing big airs. It seems to roll over any thing with ease. No hang ups. Iam going to add a nother one to my quiver, possibly with different wheels 62 s and softer compound. Hey some one could start a BF2 assn/club thing. Just a thought.

I have just taken my Steve Olsen deck out and dusted of the cobwebs. Its 34x11 with a 16.50 wheelbase, trucks are G/King thunderbirds 10inch muthers(they turn on a dime) and soft Krypto wheels(88a)

Rode it at Chelt’s bowl last nite and had a ball. It was a little strange going from my regular ride, but it somehow felt right. Might have to give it a serious go, and have a full sess just riding the Olsen.

Bigger might be better!!

Girls have been saying it for years, so maybe there is some truth in it.

since ive had my skaterbuilt 10.75 i now cant go back to the shitty 9 incher , my wife said similar things about the guy she was with before me must be true she is still with me after 16 yrs

Quadplane 11 is like riding a wave. And I’m starting to really like the minidubs Braden set me up with. Super stable, but it turns. These are very good boards. I must now find a BF11.

Micheal, after doing the sales job on the quad 11 for you, I just had to get one myself.

gone with Indy 215’s and Black Death mini dubs with rockets…this thing flies.

the Big Foot 2 is a great deck, but performance wise is a backward step from the Quad series

2 bf2’s left…get on it!

Would have to be a backwards step (or 5) performance wise - but its not like I’m ripping on the edge of performance anyways. So whats this Braden - are you selling some BF s now - is that what your saying cause you know I want one.

Yeh Mick,
They’re all for sale…except the ones on the wall…they are for my sons education fund, or a hemi cuda…his choice!