Dont start me Braden

These just became available right now.

Basically a slight side cut Avalon. Since everyones doing this to there Avalons anyway. A nice comeback to the Manx which is the wheel for high speed slalom. The Avalon and trimmed avalons still rule tight slalom. They also come in white 80a. The most succesful fast, grippy tight slalom wheel ever. Still.

hey scott as your clued up on slalom im thinking of getting on of those pocket pistol chicken dagger decks but what about flex etc ? i weigh about 87 kilos any suggestions fanx

Med to stiff for your weight. Better too stiff than too flex. A stiff deck is still totally ridable. A too flexy deck is a trampoline. Too flexy is too hard to ride with power. Im 74 kg and ride a PP Brown Bomber at max stiff. Feels awsome. Has so much more pump = speed. :laughing:
Some euro riders ride flexy and stand in the middle of the deck and bounce in the middle of the turn. As the deck flexes down it creates a similar effect to wedging the trucks adding a sharper turn at the cone. but its a difficult way to get speed.
Dont let the salesman say check the flex on this it’d be rad. No.

fanx for the lowdown on the gear scott think i will need a :blush: stiff deck or lose a few kilos

Hey Braden,
Anymore Winged or cow skulls on order?

Get Black Death winged skulls or for that matter tyour fav BDS whatever it is in BD.

You will not regret it

Wingskulls are on they’re way, got a demo set of cowskulls you can have for $30.00 if you want now though.

Braden, I think I’ll hang out for the wingedskulls.
BD if poss, thanks.
Hey Fletch I’ve got a set of BD Shogo’s on my
old pig which are sweet as, but I’m going for a new set up with hopefully less weight to haul into the air.

The BD shogo now Dragons are gr8 wheels I run a set on my long pig and Z13 in smooth bowls, also swap between the BD wing skulls and mini dubs on my main rider.