Dream a little dream....

Get into paint , use the shapes, lines n shit to create your dream bowl.

here’s mine…


Looks like Shoulhaven

I tried to work a mini-ramp like section through the middle. Maybe the round would be better at 8 or 9ft all over rather than have the extension.

I’m expecting big things from you skoot!

I like it Steve’ (wikked lines to be had, & fast)

Yeah’ c’mon Skoot’ bring on the AutoCAD’…

MMMn,lot more work building a cg skatepark. Those photoshop sendups take 5 minutes but a cg skatepark takes weeks.
And since my injury prevents me from riding Bondi I thought I would go down there one lunch hour and get some reference pic to model up a Bondi cg replica. Here it is so far.
My desktop Bondi bowl.

Bout time we saw Charlie skate?

Hang on, Charlie’s added a bit of oververt to the …deep end.

Or how bout a mexican hat Bondi…

The coping was a bit tricky but turned out ok.

Pissoff Tansley your a freak of nature.

Yeh after I reefed the bowl out of the ground it looked a bit dirty.
Freakn weird looking upside down ay.

Street bowl

classic. you must never talk of a mexican hat bondi ever again. Chad might hear you!

Skoot! Charlie in the shallow with the broom = front page!

Classic stuff Scott. laughed my ass off.

Talk about a pot hole!..you put those dreamland boys to shame scoot!
Animal chin…meet charlie.

hehe… At first I was drooling over the desktop pool, then I noticed the Silicon Graphics monitor and almost wet myself. I would love a copy of that model Scott, you bloody legendary nerd.

Yeh Mick I scored two of those 21" SGI monitors for $300 bucks. A steal since even if you can find one now there around 5k plus. All the crt monitors here at Fox have been locked up as they are still the best for compositing/color correction ect. and are fast becoming rare as these flat ones take over. due to the lockup we are garanteed at least 5 years of crt color goodness.
No worrise with the bowl model. Its max v5 and I’ll give you the vray global ilumination renderer too.

Remodelling the fundamental structure of reality to realise a skater’s dream of utopia in virtual form - now that’s a worthy purpose for a digital renaissance man!

Coming soon: Da Scooter Code …

up side Bondi is illuminating. seen before on building sites.
The modern bowl is closer to the kitchen sink than a swimming pool.