Drop in cherry lost in Northcote

A moss skater with the initials MM lost his drop in cherry last night…he has wished that it stay lost

Ah good to hear of another dragon slain! Now if I could get some more skate points, I too could set about slaying some dragons too (e.g. dropping in the deep end at Bondi, hitting tile frontside etc…)

From now on, I shall spread my legs, stare at the concrete and think of California.

Always pays to hold hands whena cherry is being taken

Northcote skate park may now be renamed Brokeback Mountain sk8park.

well done Michael. no more “bottom feeding”

I’m just a bit worried about the holding hands thing!! Is there something ya wanna tell us Fletch??? It’s ok to come out of the closet!!!So who popped your cherry Fletch??? I’m glad I skate frontside most of the time, backside is starting to worry me!!

And yeah, shit hot MM, glad you’ve got that bogey beat! You’ll be dropping the deep end of coburg soon!

Yeah Marchitecht!

My drop in cherry was popped late winter 04 at the shed…i did have a nice young man assisting me…no hand holding though.

I dont need to come out of the closet…well not until her husband has gone.

Oh and Guest(assume sean) your backside has never crossed my mind

Good stuff Micheal , how big is the drop is there much vert on it :question:

Good on ya bro Belco next year what do ya recon? Richie

It was not a question of how much vert Mustang Mark, but how little horizontal. But cheap shots regarding Fletch’s sexual orientation aside - he got me dropping in - all everyone could do was chant do it, do it, do it, and though I appreciate it was meant to be encouraging it was no help at all really to a 45 yr old. Thanks Fletch - your practical assistance is what got me over the precipice.

And it was the concrete bitch that got my cherry - so Sean, your arse is safe from Fletch, its always the bowl bitch that wants you mate, and remember she is always looking at those lovely cheeks when you go F/S.

The seductive curvature of concrete transition has been perfectly harmonised with the gravitational constant of the human figure in Markham’s latest daring experiment in the architectonics of verticality. Encore!

Stylistically - the experience belonged to the Gothic period, rather than the more horizontally stressed lines of the high modern era.

You were a gargoyle perched at the edge, Fletch was a flying buttress …

the other MM

Good guess Fletch!
Yes we all know Fletch is a bit of a legend when it comes to the ladies!!

Thanks for the advice Markham(I’ll make sure I wear my hip/arse padding!)

Sean Was not Is when it comes to status with the ladies.

Also padded shorts could be a better option for the sk8pk than the Chaps you wear to that club in Commercial rd. just joking this will be the last time anyones sexual persuasion is brought into question.

best we turn our attention to frontsides in the bowl on backsides on the MILF

Live ### See MM loose his Cherry:
http://www.putfile.com/careyhaz :open_mouth: