Dullo 23.10.05

few pics of the day with my new camera. any photographic tips would be appreciate.

start of with Mick T and his young shreader looks like all that training on the home half pipe is paying dividends

Michael Mullhal graced us with is presence

Resident Karvin Kiwi

Kelvinator powered as usual

Lord Parker


got some other photos of young Adrian and his broken wrist but I’ll make another thread monday. will send in a picture of his accident to SLAM so he might have a chance at a free deck. (yes I asked his dad if I could take a pic, no Im not a sado masochist) Just thought it might be good for a positive to come out of the lads obvious suffering

James aka SkatExec junior can you hook me up with Adrian’s full name and maybe an email so I can forward details to SLAM

on a positive note its fun taking a few pics hope you enjoy the few moments I caught with the MAS*H crew

Thats one hot camera Mosu and nice shooting as well.

thanks save the best for last. only wish the camera was on for MM

onya mosu ~ fossil & grommit doing these :smiley:

Great shots mosu hope to see that new carmera at bondi one morning gee we could take shots all day :laughing: Hope the yong guy was ok and maybe a new deck comes his way, Guys I have to admit that I have great deal of trouble dealing with people in intense pain and say or do idiot things . Im glad it does not happen to often in our sport

Alright, Mosu Bolster in da house. Nice work mark, crystal clear shots of some Dullo action, love the one of Parkers Rock n Roll, text book technique on display there. Also Gregs air over the hip is a rad shot, those new BTS sticks are doing the Buisness.