Dullo 280506 (aka Kel appreciation thread)

Sunday at Dullo got out the camera for a few pics

Only managed to get one pic to work of Steve Machine backside grind in the corner sorry about cutting off your elbow

Mustang seemed as though on a holy mission from the skate gods to slay the savage frontside. hows the lighting in the first pic!

and a nice carve

the Karvin Kiwi nearly got a grey slide

and definitely got some air but my timing was bad so two pics first late 2nd early

the rest of the pics are part of the official Kel appreciation thread (with special guest appears by “Freckle” the wonder dog)

I was trying to get a smith grind pic for a photo comp on the other skateboard website which one do you like better?

Kel Smith grind

Kel frontside smith

Kel 50-50

Kel grind

Kel frontside air

Kel frontside air

Kel busts a big backside air, with guest appearance of “Freckle” the wonder dog

The End

I reckon the first smith is better framed, but the second one is more ‘action packed’. Crop the second a little and submit that one.

And for my advice I’ll have a 10% cut of the proddy you get flowed as consultancy fee.

talk to “Freckle” the wonder dog :laughing:

OK revised Kel Smith’s

  1. Frontside Kel Smith

  1. Backside Kel Smith

Ok people which one is the better picture???

I say the front side because they are just that bit harder to perform, but there all great shots good work Mark 8)

Yep, definately the frontside for extra radness…although the BMXican does detract from the shot. Take him out and SHOOT HIM! Oh…its only a young kid. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

Hmmm sorry about that tangent there… the frontside definately, and Freckles wants some Schmakos for his trouble.

I like the backside smith better.

  1. Kels got that straight front leg action goin on. *Bonus style points.
  2. You can see all that pressure on his front toe. *More bonus style points.
  3. He’s pointin the finger at someone special.
  4. Someone special is in the photo.
  5. It’s not a bloody big wheeler looking for bg prawps.