Dulwich Hill M*A*S*H Nite 5/4/06


I couldn’t pick between these two.



Mustang Mark





One of the best MASH sessions. Full OG crew and a flying visit from JG made it a special one.

Props to Nikon Bill - out from behind the lens and on board tackling Dullo’s banks and tranny.

*full OG crew with the exception of mosu and bondi col

Wished I was there looks like another quality night.
sigh the joys of parenthood

  • full OG MASH crew - also ex Clay J

I wish I was in a crew!!!

*full OG crew with the exception of my cat “Jimi”.
oor ahh ok then DrStupid too.

MASH has grown and the OG part don’t mean diddly - just there was a big crowd there going back to the first night sessions and the formation of MASH.

Bill - your are a MASH by defintion and therefore certainly, between g-turns in the corridors of education, a certified MAS*H crew member.

Shut up and skate Steve.


Shucks :smiley:

I’ll second what Mosu101 said…

And will also curse my current inability to post whilst I’m meant to be working (MAJOR computer fuckups at work!). At lest I can still read the site though 8)

It was a great cess , five hours of hard core skate boarding It felt like 20min. Highlights, Steve machine front side slash grind
Bugs carving the elbow bowl second time out
Greg and Kevinator getting air
James back side acel stall to rebate
High speed near miss between Skatexc and Tony G
with skoot coming in to finish them off somtimes I
think my mates have nine lives :laughing:
PS Bill theres a mash t shirt for you too :laughing:

Ahem… :unamused:

One Phat was missing…

After playing tour guide for the last couple of weeks I’m raring to go!

Pass me the speed cream boys, this phat is ready for action! :smiling_imp:

Riverwood tonight I’ll bring the bowlrider wheels