Elwood crew sessions

Hey all,
There is an under light session tonight at Northcote from 8pm.
All welcome.

Nice site Braden. When are you getting in those bearings?

Thanks Eli.
Rockets are about a week off.

Hey all
Weather permitting there will be a few crew hitting Chelts Tues night.

At the moment however the weather loks grim for Tues.

Sesh Thursday night, either Chelts or Coburg.
Will post location and time tomorrow.
All welcome

Wheres Chelts? What time…I’ll be there…body armour n’ all !!!

Sorry it’s Leah…was overexcited and forgot to log in!!! Thus is my life and the reason I miss so much hahaha

Cheltenham bowl is down the Napean highway just before southland shopping centre.
There is a park on the west side of the hwy just before southland, the actual bowl is behind the service station.
I’m not sure if that’s where we are heading but I will post tomorrow after chatting with the lads.

Sesh tonight is at Coburg from 7 30ish.

Sesh tonight is at Coburg from 7 30ish.

Cant make it to coburg tonight…in Mentone for dinner :frowning:

Pic’s of Saturday’s Sandy sesh are up on my site;


There is talk of a chelts sesh on Tuesday, Just a poss.

No sesh tonight guy’s n girls.

There will be as soon as the weather clears, hopefully soon!

Shots of last night’s Chelts sesh are up on my site,


Hey all
new pics are up from our sesh at the shed yesty



Hey all,

There will be a sesh after the meeting tonight at Chelts.

All welcome.


The weather is looking a little grim for this evening but every cloud has a silver lining.

Maybe a sesh at the shed would turn your grey skies blue. If anyone is keen for a Saturday arvo sesh I’m going to try and get down to Cranny.


Hey all,
Sesh for tomorrow night will be at coburg.
I’ll prolly head down around 5.30-6.00

pics of last nights sesh will hopefully be up tonight around 9pm

There’s talk of a sesh at Rye on Saturday if anyone is keen

hope to see you all soon

New pics are up of last nights sesh


If anyone wants larger copies let me know and I’ll fix you up

Awsome Eli. Thats a cool bowl.

Thanks Scot,
Used to think Northcote was sooo hardcore, but now that Coburg and Rye are here it seems like a pussycat…who sometimes bites!

I had a listen to your cd, Leah has a copy. Great goodtime, party vibe!

When are we going to see you down in Hellbourne? Coburg has your name on it