F*cken check it!

GH made this for my upcoming. If it aint cool - I dunno what is :laughing:


Way cool.

You should reserve that one for riding only in Victoria. The Brackswards Govt would put you on TV as part of their Revenue - i mean - Road Safety Campaign.

Truly - its beautiful and way way clever.

[color=darkblue]Good one SkatExec n GH.
BTS should do a limited MAS*H release due to tha amount of 40ths going on.

I can go faster cause im 44. Ha ha ha.

They are just too good. The good thing is as the years go by the speed limit increases.
Being in the building industry as you are exec you might appreciate one of my older esoteric job signs along a similar theme - all my builders used to like having them up on their jobs.