Favourite skate bands?

Cant help myself!

DEVO is all there was for me. Listened to nothing else back in the day and have enjoyed renewing my vinyl with CD. Even the kids get a hoot outta listening.

Are we not men is a classic that still stands up today IMHO :slight_smile:

I have most on CD but Duty now for the future. Smooth Noodle Maps hmmmm :blush:

Early B-52’s also got a run in the tandy tape player which we hung out my bedroom window so we could ride the ramp in my driveway :smiley:

Later was listeneing to midnight oil, pistols and PIL then (god help me) australian crawl when i thought i was a surfer (living in western sydney :unamused: )

There are too many to choose from.

Suicidal Tendencies
De La Soul

Just to name a coupla faves. If it’s got rhythym it works.

Devo were a huge influence for me too… but I also have to mention the Buzzcocks, the Clash, the Pistols, the Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, the Meteors, Suicidal Tendancies, the Misfits, early Cure stuff and the Jam. I will never stop listening and skating to these bands.

Realistically the list goes on and on and continues to grow and the different eras have all provided me with a ton of new stuff to listen to… more recently the US BOMBS have been a huge influence. In the middle there somewhere were bands like the Faction, the Boneless Ones, No Mercy, Excel and the Stupids.

I could write about this topic for hours…

Anyone see Hosoi at Prahran in 87? I think it was 87…Suicidal tendencies blarin…his Christ airs blockin out the sun!
Skatexec- The Devo on Chlorine…what albums are they from? I cant find “it’s all good” anywhere!

ifonly - the devo track(s) on chlorine are not on any CD. i asked clubdevo - they said ‘soon’ for a new CD.

was listening to are we not men on the way to work…

baa ba-da
baa da-da
ba-ba-ba ba-ba

mongooid he was a mongoloid…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I actually found some of the tracks on CD’s I have… the tracks Automowdown and Spacegirls are on Hardcore Devo Vol 1 and Whip It E-Z is on the E-Z Listening Disc which is a reissue of the old E-Z Listening Cassette. I don’t think Faster or It’s All Good have been released yet in any form…

Also worth a look is Devo alterego, the Wipeouters… the track on Chlorine is on an album called P’Twaaang!!! If you are into surf music and Devo, this album is for you!

Thanks guys, went to JB to look for em…could’nt find…very confusing…came out with Smooth noodle maps, Are we not men, 16 digital cartoons and Santa Cruz wheels of fire. Tried Clubdevo…they can do me a great deal on energy domes…should heve asked you guys in the first place!

The name of this thread should be changed to DEVOphiles Anon.
Yeah, I know…

…They rock

Can’t say this is my fav band cause its me. Not for me to say. Shameless plug…
Well my other two favourite things apart from skateboarding are music and animation.
With this animated band I get to do both.
Band is called “feel”

Check my music video’s here
And songs

Pretty frikken good Scott…where can I buy the CD??

No need to buy. Thats why all my songs and music vids are on my website free to download. Being free of record companies means im cool to let it all out for who ever wants or gives a sh3$%#. But if you want an actual cd, the email me you address and I’ll post you a cd. Again free. Music should be free. Free, free, free. We, the musicians just want people to hear our music. And by making it free, people will have a listen. Damn I love the internet. Who needs (or wants) a record company.

Scott, that is amazing!
Inspirational stuff…We should have got you guys to play at the OSSJ 04.
Do you play live???

Yeh, play live ocasionally. havn’t for a few months though.

Leah, the cd is on its way.

Brilliant!!! Looking forward to my loungeroom moshpit!!! :smiley:

Skatexec your right, “It’s all good” is a new track. This blows my mind…guitars with occasional synth just like “Are we not men”
It does’nt take much to get me excited!!!

man I loved Devo back in the day…saw ALL FOUR concerts in sydney circa 1983.

Waddabout classic Oz stuff e.g. Birdman, HardOns, Meanies, Lime Spiders, Sunnyboys etc etc. Or an old fave - the Dead Kennedys (saw them live too).

Heck anything with loud guitars is good!

Flat out # 1 can only be devo . I’d been listening to them for a while and had never seen any skate photage on TV and next thing countdown played Freedom of choice, Fucken, . THE pool, THE riders, THE music all in one hit. I had a hardon for a month.B-52’s ,Revilo’s, X-ray specs SLF,DK’s UK Subs ,discharge ,Crass,Madness,Specials, midnight oil and Jimmy + the boys were all good for a backyard sesh. Lots of english punk in the early 80’s. Then yank and oz thrash in the mid, MDC, DRI Gangreen,Bad Brains ,Minor threat, depresion ,the body’s, civil dissodents ,ect and the incredible LKJ. Kinda tailed off at suicidal and completely lost me at the Bad Religion Pennywise shit.I hav’nt heard any thing in over 15 years that comes close in radness to these bands and a few others from that era.Always liked Blacksabbath ,Rainbow and Rush too.Hard to know when to stop on this subject
cheers Joe

The Village Idiots(Trevor King and Andrew Stixy Cole) are the only true skate band I’ve seen in this country and deserve a mention.Seen them a few times and was never dissapointed.Smell my Rectors was by far my favourite song