First board

I’m getting back into skateboarding after a 20 year layoff - that sounds like such a long time, it does not seem that long ago. I need some advice on my first board and setup - obviously depending on what is available in the shop here (braden?).
I have been playing around with someone’s old popsicle and it not really me - maybe its too small, but it is still a lot of fun.
So I’m looking for a setup that would be a good all rounder - park and bowl. I have never skated a bowl but I thought I’d try a bit of bottom dwelling.

Mosman, Sydney

Buddy car deck with some Indies trucks , Rockin Ron’s bearings and coretach wheels (preferable 58mm or 61 mm)

Hey fifi, you in Melbs?
If so come to Northcote tomorow night…you can try some different setups.
Otherwise I’ll pm ya…mosus setup good idea, maybe softer wheels to start with though.