First post

Hah! no ones posted on this yet thought i’d get the ball rolling with a quick one.

Shitfire Blackfartz + Rockin Rons = FASTEST!!!

Fairly simple equation which I have recently discovered, I have yet to have this equation disproven! STOKED!

Couldn’t agree more!

I ride that setup for smaller bowls and love it. Blackfarts go on and off the coping so smoothly and rockets don’t need any further props.

I did flatspot my blackfarts about a month ago after locking up on a rock and sliding for a metre and a half but half a dozen skates later there almost as good as new. I’ve got a set if shibird OG’s that have only been skated a few times due to my love fo my 63mm pool king’s but I reckon there not a bad wheel either for large terrain.

Shitty stuff rocks