isn’t it rad how skating makes you feel young again. I’m 42 and got the disease something shocking.Stopped sk8n in 79,started again in 02.Every time I feel trucks hit coping its like why the hell did I ever stop
Wife thinks I’m crazy BDS’s,Dogtown,Z-Flex,Powell decks everywhere.
The bowl at Riverwood is about 5 minutes from my business so as you can imagine turn-over has gone down
I’m trying to find out if and where some regular sessions are going down in sydney so as to hook-up with some other old schoolers to skate with.

Welcome Clay,

i get up to sydney for work a bit and have lots of customers out west and stay in parramatta maybe we can hook up 1 night should be up later in the month

Let us know if ever your in melb on a tues night we have our MOSS sk8 and your more than welcome

Welcome Clay, go to haunts - Dullwich Hill thread of forum, there are a group of Sydney guys you might wanna catch up with.

G’day Clay,

Join us at Dulwich hill Sunday Mornings 8am. There’s good bunch of us ol timers and the parks pretty cool with a mix of tranny sizes and some good carve lines.

Park is at the bottom of Hercules street in Jack Shanahan Reserve UBD 254 J12.

Fletch, sing out when you’re in Sydney. I’m in Parramatta.

Barring rain should see you Sunday morning.
Looking forward to it!
There was talk about them redoing the old snake-run up.Has anyone heard anymore about this?

Mate, if you feel like travelling, head to Maroubra and Bondi - but both places are best first thing in the morning (esp Bondi). And if it wasnt for the fact that I swim every sunday morning I’d be a regular at Dulwich Hill too!

Good one Clay J. I stoped around 79 too. But only started up again this year. Dulwhich Hill sunday morning is Old Skool carve and rip time. I share you same problem with DT. BDS, Powell etc. I ride the 12" wide BF11. Everywhere. I even do vintage Freestyle with it. :stuck_out_tongue: