if anyone out there does not want their 80’s mag shots/interviews up here just say…


Thanks Braden. The pics of Fin and Lee brought back a lot of good memories.

the last picture is an epic skating photo ruined by the fact it says
“Tony Halam - like a Virgin” guess it must have been 1983 or there abouts.

Damn 80’s seem so cringeworthy to me now

c mon people. it says like a virgin cause hes doin a madonna . shees. :laughing:

Tim should do a run of those 'roach tees.

… and a new towel for Mal :wink:

I still have a fair bit of Roachy type stuff.

I’ll swap you a T for these…

magic beans…

Really is that the reason!

:laughing: I thought the mag had done its research and was only printing the facts :laughing:

Dave is one of the most intense skaters ive ever seen.

I couldn’t resist.

Your such an inspiration Bradon.

That pool Dave Mock is skating was down the road from Mosu’s parent’s place - it was a very nice pool…

GroundHangers, where is that bowl with Dave Mock? I think it was my local Pool but im not sure cause I cannot see the love seat.

Bullshit not the island pool… man theres a trip down memory lane must have been 1985. I can still rmember Mock turning up and wanting a name for some story he was going to write…

Great skater but a nob of a bloke

Isn’t it amazing what Fox could get us to do for a coupla hundred bucks and a free pair of sunnies.

Anyone remember Stocksy from the 90s Bondi scene? I think that’s him looking at the camera in Dave’s Maroubra pool shoot?!

Me and Dave grew up in the same area (Strathfield) and he was a major inspiration to me at a very young age. He had the best garters in the entire Sydney skate scene! I was intimidated by them. Later we became close mates for many years.

I’m gonna send him a copy of the ‘nob’ comment so he can come down from queensland and use his patented ‘touch of death’ on Mosu. :smiley: :imp: :smiley:

Mick, your look there aint got nuthin on Lightfoot’s Oakley ad! I’ll post it when I remember to bring it down from Newie. Some of the ATS ads had an amusing side to 'em too. Hype?!? (from memory ‘The ATS is not just another prehistoric flatearth log’ or something like that …)

Dude Stocksy use to surf with me at the harbour secret spots. He lived up the road from the pool use to drive a 4wd Lada Niva.

By all means tell Dave what eva u want, Im not the first person to say it and personally I dont think He or I will give a Damn.

By the way do you remember what happened to ATS or more specifically why it failled as a company!

ATS was a successful skateboard company . The bottom falling out of the skate market and skatescene in 92-93 saw to the demise of ATS along with much of the rest of the skateboard industry as we knew it " back then ".

yes that was right! Ats just failled didnt it. Pity that!

speaking of Flashbacks, was just thinking about the Mornington Sk8 Park (now antiques)- before it became the Shed in Cranbourne. Spent many Sundays there, had an awsome lay out that park.

those mag shots are crazy Braden.

Mosu, did you know Stocksy’s mate Selwyn? I used to hang out a lot with them (and Nick van Hoven) in the 90s when I moved back to Bondi. We had a ‘swimming club’ based at Ben Buckler.

I think Selwyn has clean broken an arm at least four different times at a Bondi skate facility, including a recent first ride at the bowl!

BTW, the touch of death threat in the name of Dave was VERY serious! :wink: :smiling_imp: :unamused: