Flouro power secrets uncovered!

Want to emulate the magical appearance of the one and only Flouro Jamie a.k.a. jabsco?

Check this eye-watering lil’ number (in more ways than one - check the f*cken price!) as worn by the one and only.

The outfit is not comeplete without the matching pants (believe it!) but never worn in tandem.

You rock Jamie - viva la individual man!


Its an exploding test pattern! Used to get that effect often back in the 70s, very early in the morning …

Its cheaper to live in Melbourne - just buy 25 plain black t-shirts and 3 pairs of black levis.

holy. i had no idea that shirt was worth so much.you seriously dont want to know what the jeans are worth.dont think ill be skating in either of those items ever again.well spotted exec.

go get it and wear it and become Jamie Test Pattern…
after all Fluoro is so 80’s