Forum SPAM

It seems intrepid spammers have worked out how to become ‘guests’ across our style boards. There’ll probably be a patch to prevent this from the software co, huh Braden?

Monty Python Spam Song
Scene: A cafe. One table is occupied by a group of Vikings wearing horned helmets. Whenever the word “spam” is repeated, they begin singing and/or chanting. A man and his wife enter. The man is played by Eric Idle, the wife is played by Graham Chapman (in drag), and the waitress is played by Terry Jones, also in drag.

Man: You sit here, dear.
Wife: All right.
Man: Morning!
Waitress: Morning!
Man: Well, what’ve you got?
Waitress: Well, there’s egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;
Vikings: Spam spam spam spam…
Waitress: …spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam…
Vikings: Spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam!
Waitress: …or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.
Wife: Have you got anything without spam?
Waitress: Well, there’s spam egg sausage and spam, that’s not got much spam in it.
Wife: I don’t want ANY spam!
Man: Why can’t she have egg bacon spam and sausage?
Wife: THAT’S got spam in it!
Man: Hasn’t got as much spam in it as spam egg sausage and spam, has it?
Vikings: Spam spam spam spam… (Crescendo through next few lines…)
Wife: Could you do the egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam then?
Waitress: Urgghh!
Wife: What do you mean ‘Urgghh’? I don’t like spam!
Vikings: Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Waitress: Shut up!
Vikings: Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Waitress: Shut up! (Vikings stop) Bloody Vikings! You can’t have egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam.
Wife: I don’t like spam!
Man: Sshh, dear, don’t cause a fuss. I’ll have your spam. I love it. I’m having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam beaked beans spam spam spam and spam!
Vikings: Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Waitress: Shut up!! Baked beans are off.
Man: Well could I have her spam instead of the baked beans then?
Waitress: You mean spam spam spam spam spam spam… (but it is too late and the Vikings drown her words)
Vikings: Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!

Ahh i wonder how many propellor heads knew SPAM was originally in a can

My intramanet guy says to leave the posts so he can sick em rex…so I gotta stop deleting them first!

Eat me, don’t delete me Braden!!!

I’m the meat you eat when you can’t afford real meat!!

that was me on the last post too!!!

What strange logic do the spammers use for bringing dead threads to life. Do they roll a dice. Notice how ineviatably then posts are placed on topics that have been overlooked and that have atrophied for up to a year.
Most significantly what relationship is there between gambling and buying desert real estate here in the 10th year of little John’s tenure. Is this a secret coded message sent to us by survivalist elements within our society. Perhaps only Eric Von Daniken has the scholarship and research capabilities to answer these questions.

SKATEBOARDS are the Chariots of the Gods!!!

The only way to combat this is to either delete the posts as they appear or ban guests…I think I’ll opt for the former.

There should be a software update that activates an account only after email confirmation. Set up an account - get an email - click here to confirm etc etc. Most spammers will not go to the trouble - make it hard they go away.

They spam for the backlinks - google searches the forum sees links to dodgy real estate site - and it gives them some credibility with google. That is the logic - unfortunately google worked it out years ago and someone is using the “How to get rich with google” book circa 2004.

Thanks james, will check it out.

Wow Braden - These spammers have worked themselves into a real frenzy.
Its time for helicopters, surfboards, Wagner and the N A P A L M.
Where do they live - where do they come from?

They invade a hosts computer whilst browsing through dodgy sites, bot then spams the forum through hosts machine…which accounts for the massive amounts of ip addresses being used. Not possible to ban particular address as they change constantly.
Still working on it BAA BAA BA BA BAA BAA (wagner)


Shall we dance.

New forum up now and so far so good, now though you will have to sign in to post and reply.