Frankston B4 Work

Seeing as I work right next door, I will be having a roll at Frankston pretty much every weekday (weather permitting) from about 7am.
Anyone who likes the idea of having the entire Frankston skatepark to themselves is most welcome to come on down.

Hey Paul is the coping finished yet
im hopeing to get down there on the next
dry weekend

Not yet. dont know how much longer its gonna take.

Paul, I was going to ask the coping question also :unamused:

Look forward to coming down and having a skate with ya.
So are you dropping in the shallow end yet?(not so shallow really)

have dropped in a couple of times but is pretty hairy without coping. Coz I have a skid plate on my tail it makes my deck lean into the bowl when dropping in. still a heap of fun though :smiley:

Shit hot Paul 8)

I’ve got a skid plate on the Olsen, and I know what you mean!
Might wait till the coping is in before I try to drop in :unamused: